Over Labor Day weekend, my husband and I spent the tranquil long weekend at the beach. No TV and no newspaper. Oh, my, when we got home and turned on the television set, dreadful news from around the country and world bombarded me. After twenty minutes, we decided to watch a rerun of Father Brown. We knew ahead of time that someone would be snuffed (off camera) but we hadn't seen the show in such a long time we couldn't remember who the victim was. The program takes place in a tranquil lovely village in Great Britain, just my cup of tea when I'm not in Amish country. The perfect escape from news events I have no control over.

Being secluded on the island over the weekend was relaxing as I finished writing my blog post. Have you seen my current blog giveaway? I love listening to people's stories and wish I could speak to you individually about the risks you have taken in your life. Or, the strategies you've used to avoid them.

Speaking of risks, Hurricane Harvey has motivated people to risk their lives by helping complete strangers and pets. I think of Hurricane Galveston on September 8, 1900, a category 4 which claimed over 6,000 lives. A 15-foot surge flooded that city, which stood 9 feet above sea level. I'm thankful for our modernized weather service, and the brave first, second, and third responders-both professional and volunteer.

I'm also grateful for the terrific reviews for A Letter from Lancaster County. Thank you to all who have encouraged me. Humungous thanks to the readers who wrote five-star reviews on Amazon such as:

"Kate Lloyd has done an excellent job writing this book and telling the story of these characters in a way that make you not want to stop reading." and "Kate Lloyd has a great way of putting you right into the story immediately ... Highly recommend."

If you've considered writing a review but have hesitated, they only need to be two or three sentences long. In fact, those are the ones that get read. And they are hugely appreciated!

People have asked me what's on my agenda. I've finished editing my next novel, Starting from Scratch , and sent it out to several fabulous endorsers. I can't wait to show you the delightful cover. Starting from Scratch releases March 1, 2018. Seems like a long time away, but the days zip along like a roller coaster, don't they? In the meantime, I need to focus on A Letter from Lancaster County and await autumn's brilliant display.



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A Letter from Lancaster County

"I loved this book from page one. It is a 5 star book and one not to be missed.". 
- Mary Fields, The Mary Book Reader