Farewell from Katherine Wiltshire
I wanted to let you know that after more than ten years of service, I am retiring from the Hall and will be leaving by June 1, 2016, to pursue other endeavors. This was not an easy decision for me to make, and I will look back on the memories and friendships forged with great fondness. I owe so many my gratitude for their assistance, wise counsel and unwavering support. But, while I am leaving the Hall, I hope that my connections will not be severed but rather evolve in nature and circumstances.

I believe the timing is perfect for a changing of the guard at the Hall with Diane Whitney leading our strong Board of Trustees and our accomplished staff at peak performance. We have all worked together to steadily grow the Hall, our Annual Induction Ceremony and our educational programs and to share our Inductees' stories that confirm women's ability to be contributors and leaders across all fields.

I ask for your continued support of the Hall as a provider of important educational programs and resources for the next generation of women leaders. I remain an avid supporter of our mission and a believer in the importance of the work that lies ahead. 
From Diane Whitney, Chairman of the CWHF Board of Trustees
The Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame staff and Board are sorry to see Katherine leave! We will miss her direction and leadership, and we wish her well in her next venture. With five months to find her successor, and with Katherine participating actively in this transition, we feel confident that the change will be smooth and our work will move forward as planned. We will be posting the position shortly and hope you will circulate it and be an active part of the search process. We will communicate with you once the search is completed and hope you will direct any ideas or questions about the transition process to the Chair of the Search Committee, Eileen Kraus, or to me.

Diane Whitney: dwhitney@pullcom.com

Eileen Kraus: eileenkraus@yahoo.com

Thank you for your continued support of our mission and for partnering with us to inspire women and girls to leadership!