Aligning Perceptual Positions
During the lockdown, I've turned inward
and discovered I like the quiet life.

Moving forward, all private sessions
and seminars will be held online.
I will no longer hold client sessions
or offer group seminars in the
healing center in Quincy.

Now it is time for more comfort and
COVID safety for all.

I've already been seeing clients and
teaching corporate seminars online
for several years, yet to a lesser
degree. Primarily, I use Zoom,
although Skype and Facebook
video chat are also useful.

I had the great fortune to learn from
some of the greatest trainers these
past few months. They were all
sidelined because of COVID, yet
still itching to share their knowledge.
I studied in my PJs with trainers
from all over the USA and Europe.

One of the new processes I learned
is Aligning Perceptual Positions (APP).

Let me tell you - it is a game changer!

I am more excited about this process
than anything else in the field of NLP
and hypnosis that I have learned in
the past 10 years!

I'll share two personal exper-
iences that happened when
I was facilitated in the process
during the training. (There were
many sessions and many
breakthroughs, since hypnotists
from around the world were
all practicing on Zoom.)
During your APP session, you think
about someone with whom you 
have some degree of challenge.
You don't need to share the details,
thus you retain your privacy.
I focused upon my 'relationship' 
with a woman across the street
from me. She has many male
visitors; people in our apartment
complex refer to her as 'the h**r'. 
She yells at me and others for parking
in front of her building. She not only
doesn't have a car (lost her license), 
she also has no authority to monitor
anyone's choice of parking spot.
She is very unhappy. I don't interact
with her. 

After being facilitated through the
Aligning process, I came to a diff-
erent understanding and feeling 
about her. I began to refer to her
by her name when thinking about
her or speaking with other residents
and felt better about myself because
I was being more respectful toward
her. I still wasn't physically interacting
with her, though, or talking with her.
Then, one day recently, when I was
walking toward my car, which was
parked in front of her building, she
spotted me and headed toward me.
I cringed inside, wondering what 
she was going to yell about. Instead,
she engaged me in a very calm and
polite conversation. I was dumbstruck.
She has engaged me a few more
times since, and each time has been
very pleasant.
So... I changed, yet she knew nothing
about my session. However, in the
quantum field - or whatever you want
to call it - SHE changed also. And 
now the tone of our 'relationship' is
soooo much better. She comes to
me in peace, instead of war.
Also, the drunk downstairs has called
me 'the b***h upstairs' since he moved
in 1.5 years ago. I don't engage with
him either. I did the Aligning process
for my 'relationship' with him and it
changed my outlook about him in a
beneficial way ..... and then he, too,

Of course, I didn't tell him that I had
done the process. However, a month 
ago, he stopped me in the hallway 
and told me he was very sorry for all
the bad names he has called me. He
said he cares about me. Again, I was 
dumbstruck!  I thanked him and
scooted into my apartment.

Later that night, he climbed the stairs 
and knocked on my door at 10:30pm.
He said he really cares for me and
wants to take me out for coffee and
be my friend. Again, I thanked him.

(No way am I going to be his friend 
or have coffee or interact, other than
to say 'hello'.)

I am just so grateful to have peace
and quiet restored in my building
and again. And ... it is so much
healthier for all involved. My other
neighbors are tangentially benefitting
from the shift in the two people
whom I aligned within myself.

Pretty cool!
That is how powerful, life changing
and expansive the simple APP
process is. It amazes me!!!

Michael Watson, one of my favorite
trainers, sumarizes APP:
In any interaction between two people,
there are three primary perceptual
positions: Self (you), Other (them),
and Observer Position. APP involves
sorting the three positions and then
aligning their various components.
The process of aligning perceptual
positions can transform all of your
relationships and open up some
interesting possibilities.

If you would like to experience
an APP session (which lasts for
about 1 hour), I am offering it
for a reduced fee of $99.00 for
the month of September.

On Oct 1, it will revert to my usual
hourly fee of $150.00. (Most clients
purchase bundled programs,
rather than single sessions, for
maximum savings. Ask me for
a fee schedule.)

And here is something really
special for Labor Day Weekend
(Fri through Mon): I have set
aside three 1-hr time slots on
each day. If you schedule a
session, it is only $79.00.

Call or email quickly and take
advantage of this incredible
opportunity to significantly
improve your life!

A testimonial:
Hi Kathryn,
Your session had immediate
positive results. Thank you
so much!! I worked on a
relationship which just felt
out of balance. It was so
helpful as it realigned my own
balance and viewpoint. I had
felt overpowered and hooked
into his energy. No longer!!!
I am standing in my power.
Bless you.

And Now for Something
Completely Different

I have taught seminars for Harvard
Pilgrim Health Care for many years.
All were related to hypnosis, NLP,
and meditation. A few years ago,
they asked me to do a presentation
on Aromatherapy. Ohhhh, right up
my alley. Then, during the lockdown,
they asked me to record a 30 min
A/T presentation.

You can watch it HERE .

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