Pond Mountain Inn Newsletter
May 10, 2017

This winning shot was taken just before dusk on our driveway a few years back. Highly elusive, rarely seen and difficult to photograph; bobcats are territorial and largely solitary. I was quite fortunate to have taken this photograph.     

The fox knows from experience that this is a missed opportunity

Thank you Orland Campbell for taking many of the remaining photographs.

Always Cautious, Always Alert and Always Beautiful…. 
Chilling Breeze and the Perennial Silence of Winter….  
It is customary for Toms to display, fan and strut during spring… a common Vermont scene as they wander the landscape desperately seeking a mate…. 
This female appeared one day at the home of someone we never met… she allowed us to photograph her and almost seemed to enjoy the attention. 
This is Another Truly Amazing Story... Click Below to See the Article I Wrote Last Month... 
Our New Pigs…. Well, just one is ours (not sure which ) Yes, we’re raising pigs, well, sort of. Our friends and neighbors wanted to add additional livestock to their farm and asked if we wanted one. This is a continuing story. Stay tuned…    
And, Finally, Chippy , Pond Mountain Inn’s Favorite Guest! This morning, in addition to his normal breakfast (peanuts) he enjoyed half a red grape. 

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