Kaya Corporation - Mogul
The multi-national Kaya Corporation has their headquarters in Downtown. This Goliath stands sky-high among some of the tallest buildings in Titan City.
While fairly simple in design, its stature is ominous and it stands out among many other sky scrapers surrounding it.
While it's not designed for visitors, the top deck does have guard rails and a private entry hatch for anyone who wants to live dangerously and check out the view from this crazy-high rooftop.
Looking at the skyline, you can see that just a few buildings reach Kaya's height in Downtown. One of these is the Liberty Building landmark on the left side of the picture below. The Liberty Building is actually the tallest building in Titan City, but when you are close to the Kaya Corporation, you wouldn't know that any of the other buildings are actually taller.
Flying up to the top of the Kaya is worth the extra jet fuel. It's a dizzying sight from the top, and if you want to test your super jump powers, why not start big?