Volume 2020 | March 2020
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March 2020
Melody's Traditional Music
Dear Friends,

We wish you well during this pandemic. We are all learning how to cope, and our thoughts are with you. We keep up with some of you on social media, and it's good to see your faces. We have just learned that in Houston the virus is spreading quickly via fueling your vehicle, so don't forget to sanitize your hands during that process.

It seems we are busier than ever here with projects. The phones are ringing, the mail is being delivered and picked up, and for the most part the website is working, so John is keeping busy with pulling, packing and shipping. He's also restringing (and repairing) a larger amount of harps than what is typical. People are pulling out their instruments and finding joy and peace in playing music.

I, (Mary) teach piano at a music academy which transitioned overnight to the use of zoom, having to learn it with immediacy. My own private students are still on FT, Skype or FB Messenger Video.

Reba is spending time with her grandchildren!

We are rebuilding both our websites from scratch. As you know, we were hacked on February 2 and are still recovering from that incident. The new sites could be up and running within 6 weeks. We may have Reba and all her grandchildren help us populate the products, as migration is not possible! Thank you for your patience with us!

We have time to weed, and have the beginnings of a bird sanctuary in progress (John and I are members of the Houston Audubon Society). We are experimenting with different recipes, and hope that we will be able to procure all the ingredients! So far tomato soup, pumpkin leek soup, and yellow pea soup have been good. Squash soup not so good. Bread was a disaster.

We will start putting up some tutorials you may find helpful and enjoyable. For now, we searched for some of our old videos and referenced them below.
Easy Accompaniment Patterns for Britches Full of Stitches

The free files (in a ZIP folder) for this tutorial can be found on our site HERE. This is Britches full of Stitches and it's about playing an easy accompaniment. Lead sheets and sound files are included.
About 8 or 9 years ago, Patricia Jaeger and I were talking about typesetting her lap harp books and publishing them. Patricia was a leader at the beginning of the folk harp movement. She was very supportive of us when we opened our store 27 years ago, and sent me copies of her hand-written books so I could get group classes going here in Houston. I am grateful and will never forget her generosity. In honor of Patricia, Reba and I are typesetting these books. Reba is typesetting one of them, and I have the other. So today, we present to you page one from “Harp Hand Helps” by Patricia Jaeger. Please enjoy playing the exercises, and also if you care to proof it, I am open to constructive criticism. Reba is working on the hard book with lots more notes, so the first more advanced exercise should be available next week. Here is PAGE ONE.

One of our most popular blog posts has been "Play Without Stumbling". The link is HERE and includes 4 free download PDFs. Incidentally, our blog will be part of the site in our new rebuild, so you won't have to go back and forth.

Fur Elise Duet for Harps
I wrote this out when I was teaching group Harp for Milwaukee Public Schools. The kids enjoyed playing it for the final concert. You can download it free HERE.
Mozart Sonatine #1 (Hp/Fl)
This is a freebie - read about it HERE

More freebies HERE
Just received our post card for the Houston Summer Harp Festival, July 6-11.
Take care and see you next time with more tutorials. -- John, Mary and Reba