As most of you know (whether you care or not), the Royal Wedding is this weekend and we are excited to share what we think you should be drinking! Check out our "Staff Recommendations" section for details including what Queen Elizabeth II's morning cocktail of choice is and what the rumored cake flavor combination will be. Put on your facinator hat and make a toast with something special!
We also have plenty of options to choose from if you are just out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and Art-A-Whirl this weekend. Swing by for our free wine tastings on Friday and Saturday.
Friday's Tasting Lineup with Special Guest
Paul Dagget from The Wine Company (4-8pm) :
  • Cline Farmhouse White
  • William Fevre Champs Royaux Chablis
  • Le Cocagne Coteaux du Vendomois Rosé
  • Domain des Carteresses Tavel Rosé
  • Bouchard Pere & Fils Bourgogne (Pinot Noir)
  • Decoy Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Plus Paul will pick a yummy Secret Sipper

We are still picking the wines for the  Tasting  on  Saturday (3-7pm) .
We will post the lineup to Facebook prior to the tasting.
Keep Calm, Carry On & Drink Like a Royal
Madison's Pick:
Queen Elizabeth II's Dubbonnet & Gin Cocktail
Keep calm and breakfast like the queen. What would the queen do? She would have a little Dubonnet and Gin cocktail. Basically the breakfast of champions, Queen of England style. The recipe? Two parts Dubonnet Rouge, one part Gordon's gin - stir and strain into a rocks glass with one slice of lemon and exactly two ice cubes (no word on how big or what type she prefers for her ice cubes). Dubonnet, an aperitif, is a fortified wine flavored and aromatized with a proprietary blend of peels, spices, and herbs with a touch of quinine. (Dubonnet - $13.99)
Patti's Pick:
Elderflower & Lemon- Cocktails Inspired by the Royal Cake
If you aren't in the mood to bake you can celebrate like the Royal Couple with a cocktail inspired by the Royal Wedding Cake! Using an elderflower liqueur like St. Germain and some form of lemon (lemonade, lemon twist...) you can create a unique cocktail to sip while you watch the events unfold. Try a Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade, an Elderflower Lemon & Gin Cocktail, or a play on the classic Elderflower & Sparkling Wine with a Lemon Twist.
For those of you who are still unfamiliar with St. Germain - it is a bright and fragrant sweet liqueur. Still produced in an artisanal manner, the liqueur is made from the white starry flowers that are gathered from the hillsides in the French Alps. Fun fact - the flowers are bicycled to a collection site where they are immediately macerated to preserve the fresh flavors of the bloom. (St. Germain: 375ml -$19.99 / 750ml -$39.99)
Dave's Pick:
Old Raj High Proof ENGLISH Gin
If you plan to watch the royal wedding this weekend you probably are already thinking about the legacy of the monarchy and colonialism in the modern world, I know I am. While the 'Little Island That Could' has long been at the receiving end of international commerce that brought Port, Sherry and Claret to it's shores these are not true warm weather beverages. The true gift of Britian's colonial empire to the world is the ever versatile and refreshing gin and by extension, the gin and tonic. The Old Raj is possibly the most elegant of English gins. It has a classic juniper and botanical flavor profile with a clean, smooth finish. The tasteful addition of saffron gives it a royal air and an exotic richness. On ice with a splash of lime or mixed with Fever Tree Indian Tonic to stave off your impending malaria, it will put you in the colonial spirit and will take you safely from royal wedding to NHL hockey to back yard barbecue and Art-A-Whirl. -$52.99
Doug's Pick:
Digby Fine ENGLISH Non-Vintage Brut
If you are a lover of sparkling wines and have yet to try some English fizz, this weekend’s wedding with be your perfect excuse to pop one of these bottles. It is exceptional, not just exceptional as a sparkling wine but exceptional when compared to champagnes as well. Why? Terroir, the same chalk in champagne makes up the White Cliffs of Dover and it’s surrounding areas, from where this sparkling wine hails. The weight and texture of this wine is gorgeous as it has a mellow richness but maintains grace and liveliness. I simply can't drink enough of this. -$59.99
New & Exciting
Villa Sparina Gavi
Villa Sparina Blanc de Blanc
Fantinel Pinot Grigio del Grave
Borgogno Barbera d'Alba
Jean Claude Regnaudot Maranges La Fussiere
Regis Bouvier Marsannay Clos Du Roy 
Regis Bouvier Bourgogne Montre Cul 2015
Guillemot Savigny Les Beaunes Aux Gravians 2015

If you haven't already make sure you check out our ros é display - We've been calling it an homage to the many shades of sunburn on Lake Minnetonka.