Keep Calm & Shine Like a Diamond!
“Keep offering school clubs to keep students engaged and connected”.
                       From the Friday Institute. Teaching Remotely, A Practical Guide

DECA is vital to your students high school experience & being involved in your chapter will help keep them engaged & connected through this difficult time.

Use the links below to get your students excited about joining DECA. The first link is the 2020-21 Membership Video & the second link is a video discussion guide to get the conversation started!

Many schools offer students/parents the ability to pay fees through an online payment system. If this is an option for you, that is awesome! We have created a template form that you are welcome to use when your students join. The membership system asks for lots of information about your students; those details are included on the template. You can customize the form as needed & when you are ready to submit your members to National DECA you can download the data & simply upload it to the membership system.
We hope you find this helpful!
Operation LEAD!
The NC-DECA Officers are pleased to introduce the Operation Lead program for the 2020-21 School Year. 
The program is designed to be easily implemented and managed. It also offers students a variety of fun activities to help them engage with the other members of your chapter. Click the link below to see the details and be sure to show your students the AWESOME video by the state action team to introduce this topic to your members.

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  • Toy Box Leadership Series
  • Blazer Buddy Flyer with QR code for Alumni & Professional member submission.
  • Announcement of Zoom Talks with POB.