-- Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance Days remind us why we don't want nukes in VT and we must stop the F35s.
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PJC Educational Programs & Events
Saturday, August 4, 2-3pm,  PJC. Learn damaging globalization policies and practices and how Fair Trade seeks to counterbalance this. Arrive at 1:30 for New Volunteer Orientation. FREE.
Sunday, August 5, 6pm,
Downtown Burlington. Meet at the top of Church St. near the UU Society of Burlington, 152 Pearl St. Event ends at the Waterfront. Hosted by the PJC and WILPF's Burlington Branch.
Seeing and Disrupting Racism Sunday August 12, 3-4pm, PJC.  This program was developed for predominantly white audiences because efforts to end racism do not fall solely on the oppressed. Learn how white fragility perpetuates racism and specific ways to disrupt that cycle. FREE.
POC in VT Affinity Group Thursday, August 16, 6pm, PJC. A space for people of color to share their experiences. Open to all POC of all ages. FREE.
Fair Trade 101  Saturday, August 18, 2-3pm at PJC. Learn the history of global trade and how it has historically come at the expense of people in the Global South. Examine Fair Trade as an alternative. Arrive at 1:30pm for Volunteer Orientation. FREE
Monday, August 20, 12-1pm,  PJC. This space is held specifically for white people because ending oppression doesn't fall solely on the oppressed. Process how white supremacy culture is toxic to white communities and individuals. FREE
For more info on these events visit Upcoming Events or contact program@pjcvt.org.
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Voices from Palestine
No one likes to see a car on fire. Imagine that the flaming car is right next to your house. And imagine it happens in the middle of the night when you think your family is safely asleep. And the attackers came into your door yard to start the fire.  Bad as that is, it takes on an entirely new feeling when graffiti is sprayed on the wall saying "We will return..."
Vermonters John Reuwer and Laurie Gagne (who are PJC members and collaborators) have been in Palestine/Isreal for the past month working with Meta Peace Team.They have been documenting their time there on this blog.

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July 23, 2018
No More Hiroshimas No More Nagasakis 

On August 6 and 9, we will mark the 73-year anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan by the US Military. There are many events occurring to commemorate these unimaginable tragedies. We hope you can attend them. Meanwhile, the threat of nuclear war is far from over. And in fact, it might be getting closer to home.
The F-35s that are scheduled to arrive at the Burlington Airport in 2019 are built to be nuclear-weapon capable. Nuclear weapons storage is classified, but there is evidence from internal Air Force and VTANG e-mails detailing the likelihood that nukes would be stored here.

While we might never be told with certainty that nuclear weapons are stored here, we know you don't put your gun in one state and your bullets in another. Besides, enemies don't need to target the nukes, just the delivery system. 
Read more about it on VTDigger and learn about the movement to resist the F35s here.
There will be Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembrance events happening in Burlington starting the week of August 3 including workshops, film screenings, and vigils.  Read full event details here.  For more information, call 518-561-3939 or email madel51353@aol.com
Here's a link to a flyer about more events happening in other parts of the state that the Grafton Peace Pagoda is organizing. 
From the Blog: Mindfulness and Activism: Dismantling Systems of Oppression In Ourselves and Society
- by Jason Dana, PJC Programming Intern

Mindfulness and similar contemplative practices have become increasingly common in activist circles in recent years. In fact, we do workshops on this topic here at the Peace & Justice Center! Mindfulness practices have a lot to contribute to activists, however, misunderstandings about mindfulness and systemic oppression have led to missed opportunities for collaboration as well as, in the worst cases, perpetuation of confusion and trauma. Given the amount of empirical, historical and anecdotal evidence attesting to the support contemplative practices offer to activists, it is essential that mindfulness is introduced to activist circles and practiced in a way that is empowering and anti-oppressive.

Community Calendar
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July 24, Tuesday
July 25, Wednesday
July 28, Saturday
August 1, Wednesday
August 2, Thursday
August 4, Saturday
  • 7-9pm Reclamation /ˌrekləˈmāSH(ə)n/ TALKS. A TEDx style event. Reclamation /ˌrekləˈmāSH(ə)n/ TALKS builds on the national conversation about the #MeToo movement, and is presented in partnership and inspired by the exhibition Reclamation / rekləˈmāSH(ə)n/, at the Helen Day Art Center. In the TALKS, speakers will explore their perspective on the topic of Women and Power, how gender bias impacts women's lives, with the art world as one arena. More info here. Spruce Peak Performing Arts, Stowe.
  • 7-7:45pm Vermont Community Drum Circle. Grand Isle State Park.
August 5, Sunday
August 6, Monday
  • Hiroshima Day Events
  • 8:30am-2:45pm Deconstructing Racism in the Classroom.  Redesigning Curriculum for Equity and Inclusion workshop for educators interested in ensuring their curriculum provides positive representation, is actively anti-bias, and interrupts systemic racism. Hear from other professionals who are engaged deeply in equity work, unpack and identify forms of bias in curriculum, revisit lesson content, methods, and assessments using educational materials from your own classrooms in collaboration with our visiting professionals and other educators, create and action plan to address and redress bias, engage with colleagues around approaches to broaching conversations about race with students and colleagues Call and Response uses restorative talking circles as one process for creating connection and exploring content. North End Studios, Burlington.
  • 5:30-8pm Youth for Change at The Root Social Justice Center, Brattleboro.
August 7, Tuesday
  • 6-8pm 350VT meeting at 350VT Office, 22 Church St, Burlington

August 9, Thursday 

 Please email events for our google calendar and enews.
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Action Highlight: Families Belong Together
The 30-day order given by the federal judge in California for the Trump administration to reunite parents and children separated under its "zero-tolerance" policy culminates on Thursday, July 26.
As of Friday, July 20, they had only reunited 364 of the 2,551 children. We need to maintain and increase pressure on those in power.

Join activists from around Vermont at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office in Williston on
Saturday, July 28 at 10am as they speak out.

Some people are planning to risk arrest. Email Rachel for more information on that.

There will be an installation of baby and kid shoes at the protest. If you have shoes that you can contribute but you cannot be at the event, please drop them off at the Peace & Justice Center by Friday at 5:00.

Visit our website to learn more about the protest and how you can take action. There are places to donate, petitions to sign, and other related actions listed here as well. Please spread the word on facebook if you can.
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