Happy Halloween
Wishing you a safe
Trick or Treating!
Tips for Trick or Treaters
Halloween is made fun for everyone when some simple guidelines are followed.  Though the popularity of trick or treating has been on a steady decline, many communities still celebrate Halloween with trick or treating.  Listed below are some tips to help keep your trick or treating, safe and fun for years to come.
  • Check costumes for tripping and vision hazards.  Add reflectors to clothing and layers if cold.
  • Visit restroom before venturing out.  Bathroom requests can be tricky.
  • Accompany young children.   Please no drop-offs in strange neighborhoods.
  • Take a flashlight, band aids, water and gloves.  Extra treat bags may also come in handy.
  • Remind children to respect the property of others.  Don't run, stay off lawns, don't litter.
  • Teach children to watch out for smaller children.  No pushing or shoving.
  • Only visit homes where porch lights are on.  Only ring or knock once.
  • Teach children the icebreaker "Trick or Treat", encourage them to smile and say thank you.
  • Teach children not to grab or request more treats.
  • No double dipping.  Only one visit per home.
  • Practice safety.  Children are hard to see on Halloween night. 
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