Love the skin you're in!

You often hear me say, "Your skin is your largest organ, and only 2% of the water you consume actually gets to the epidermis, because our other organs are so greedy"! 


So how do we take care of our skin? The answer is "self-care"!

We are busy…our lives are busy, we are trying to balance work, school, family, fitness, diet, social lives, etc...all important parts of our daily living, but taking care of ourselves is often more of a challenge, and taking care of our skin....well I guess that's why I'm here to help :~)

A few more thoughts to consider before we look at what to do. Most of you will wash your face daily (twice in a perfect world), I hope. Most of you shower or bathe daily too, but do you consider what products you are using on your face and body, and are they the same for each body part? Are you using specific products before, during and after shaving?  Are you applying any cream and sun protection on those body parts after?  Are you exfoliating regularly?


Taking some time for yourself in the morning and in the evening does not have to take a long time for a basic skin care routine.  You can add more time as needed for extra treatments or even alter the time of day you do your routine so you are not rushed or too tired.  You don’t have to wake up earlier to wash and or shave…bring the products in the shower with you (I recommend a fog-free mirror that you can secure inside the shower for shaving).  At night, no need to wait until you are hitting the pillow, you can wash up after dinner or after nighttime activities when you are winding down before bed.  Having your products out on the counter so you can see them helps to build a daily routine too.  Of course, knowing what to use and when to use it is important too!


Your Basic Skin Care routine from Yonka should include the following:


1.     Cleanser (Lait Nettoyant, Gel Nettoyant, Eau Micellaire, Nettoyant Crème or Men’s Foam Gel)

2.     Shaving (Men’s Barber Shave)

3.     Lotion Mist (Lotion PS for normal to dry skin or sensitive and Lotion PG for normal to oily or mature skin, and Lotion YK for men-also used as after shave mist)

4.     Day or Night Crème (Treatments include products specific for dry, oily, combination, acneic, mature and sensitive skin types)

5.     Sun protection (GMC SPF25 for daily use and GMC SPF50 for maximum protection)


Your Advanced Skin Care routine from Yonka includes the above (1-5) PLUS:


6.     Exfoliation (Gommage, Guaranna Scrub, or Men’s Foam Scrub) 1-2 times a week

7.     Mask (Mask 103, Mask 105, Hydra #1Mask, Excellence Code Mask, Glyconight Mask)


Your Ultimate Skin Care Routine from Yonka includes the above (1-7) PLUS:


8.     Eyes Contour (Nutri, Alpha, Phyto, Men’s Eye Gel, or Excellence Code Contour)

9.     Serums (Nutri+, Defence+, Hydra+, Lift+, Hydra #1 Serum, Optimizer Serum, Elixar Vital or Excellence Serum)

10.  Body (Energizing, Relaxing, Detoxing or Contouring products to wash, exfoliate, treat and hydrate the body from neck to ankles).


Yonka has many choices to fit your skin care needs and lifestyle.  Private consultations are necessary to ensure you are using the appropriate products for your skin.  Please contact me to set up a time to review your products and routines.

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Studio Update

I hope you had fun over the long weekend! We still have lots of warm summer days left and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

Here at the Studio, not much is changing....we are still asking you to wear your mask, use hand sanitizer and complete your self assessment on the day of your appointment. 

Plan your parking ahead as on street parking is sporadic depending on the time of day.  Macdonnell parking lot is now free for 2 hours, but space is limited.  Marketplace Parkade on Wilson St (across from City Hall) always has lots of space for only $3.

Hope House is in need of a few items for donation. So when you are going through your closet to make room for you fall and winter clothes, please keep in mind the following list.  

  • Mens t-shirts (short or long sleeved)
  • Men's hoodies
  • Men's pants (jeans or athletics)

If you can't drop the items off directly to them, you can bring them to me and I will drop them off on Sept 7. 

Contact me!

Spa Specials

August Specials

For over 65 years, Yon-Ka Lotion has been a best seller world-wide since 2014!

Dubbed the "Spa-in-a-bottle", it's phyto-aromatic essence of Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cypress and Thyme awakens the senses, invigorates, tones and brings radiance to the skin. 

Use twice daily after cleansing, to set your make-up, to refresh the skin throughout the day, and to rescue dehydrated skin on the plane while travelling.

Every year, Yonka Paris supports the association @untoitpourlesabeilles which helps finance the planting of fields of flowers and the protection of 750,000 bees and of hives in Provence.

This year's Limited Edition design of the bottle has been reimagined by women artists to support the association @colorbysue, a painter in love with watercolour! It showcases the magic of « nature in the wild » with a multitude of pastel colours.

Lotion PS or Lotion PG now 20%off

(While quantities last)

Did you know that unprotected skin can result in premature aging, dark spots, cancer, fine lines and wrinkles? Help protect your skin daily with these amazing light weight, non-greasy mineral sunscreens.

GMCollins SPF 50 High Protection Veil

'The ultimate shield against sunrays has 100% mineral filters, broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays), enriched with vitamin E and nourishing natural oils and is ocean-friendly and reef-safe.

GMCollins SPF 25 Urban Protection Veil

"The All-Year-Round" protection should be applied daily even when at home! The suns rays pass through glass therefore even driving exposes your skin to UVA and UVB rays.


Gift Certificates are available for all occasions for any service and any denomination.

Please email me to pre-book your gift certificates so that I can have them ready for you.

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