Heart Health Month!

Did you know?

February is heart health month, and did you know that the signs for having a heart attack are different for men and women? Knowing the signs and listening to your body are key for early detection and to getting help early! Diet and exercise, along with a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in maintaining good heart health.

Vitamin D is an essential part of keeping your heart and skin and good health too! The sun is a natural source but a little harder to absord in the winter month (unless you head somewhere warm!). Several types of fish (like salmon, tuna and cod, and dairy products can contain sources of Vitamin D, or you can also take a supplement. Check with your medical professional to find out what the best source of Vitamin D is for you and your body. 

Your skin benefits from Vitamin D as well! It can help improve acne, increase collagen production, boost skin elasticity, brighten the skin, and reduce the signs of dark spots and fine lines. Check out the Essential White Facial series & Home Care options below which contain Vitamin C, another important ingredient to reduce dark spots and refine skin!

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Coming soon...there will be new product and services added to my list of services.

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There are a few changes coming this Spring that I wanted to give you some advanced notice about.

As with all business, I too have costs that have been increasing for me, and I have chosen to absorb for the last few years. As more and more increases have been affecting me, it will soon be time for me to raise prices. I will keep you posted and give you an official date soon.


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