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September is here again, and it's my favourite time of year. I love the warm days and cool nights, and can't wait for the spectacular fall colours to show themselves and go for long walks crunching the leaves under my shoes!


We are of course back to school, work and routines now as well, so it's time to resume those goals you have set for your skin health. I recently attended a foot-care webinar on dry skin, and it's quite amazing how quickly it can recover from dry, tight, flaky skin to healthy well-balanced skin; it only takes a little dedication and time for self-care on your part, and of course some foot care product best suited for your skin.

Did you know that the skin on your feet is much different than the skin anywhere else on your body? The Epidermis (Stratum Corneum) or "top layer" of the skin contains 5 layers on the soles of the feet, which makes it thicker to protect itself against the external hazards. The extra layer is called the Stratum Lucidum which is a thin, shiny layer that is only present on the soles of the feet (& palms of the hands.) These two layers are what needs to be cared for to ensure proper health of the skin and overall functioning of the feet. When your feet are compromised by dry, flaky, cracked skin they are left more vulnerable to infection and unhealthy conditions.

See the "September Specials" section below for option on which Footlogix formula is right for your feet!

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September Specials

Yonka prices will be going up in October, so stock up and save now! 

Please note, that I do not have control of these increases,

they come directly from Yonka Paris.

DD Formula contains Urea which is super hydrating, anti-aging and rejuvenating for the feet. It also captains Spiraleen which provides an anti-microbial agent to relieve irritations.  Ideal for superficial dryness, seniors and diabetics.

Daily Maintenance Formula contains a smaller amount of Urea to combat milder level of dryness and to maintain a healthy skin balance.  Ideal for normal to dry skin.

Very Dry Skin Formula contains a higher amount of Urea to combat comprised, thin skin.  Ideal for diabetics and senior that are not producing enough sweet and oils on their skin.

Cracked Heel Formula contains a high level of Urea and Evening Primerose Oil to combat deep cracks/fissures and extremely callused skin.  Ideal for those with stubborn cracks or deep fissure that can be also painful.

These mousse formulas are lightweight, non greasy, non-occlusive and easy to use. The Dermal Infusion Technology carry the active ingredients into the layers of the epidermis quickly and effectively for fast results with regular home care use (twice a day for two weeks, then once a day thereafter). All formulas provide 160 applications with about a walnut sized amount.  Footlogix products are safe for kids, seniors and diabetics, and anyone who was feet that need a little TLC!


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