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Monday, May 4

Self-Nominations Open
Monday, May 4
While our Chapter Meetings are on pause, you can still earn your CEUs . Gold Sponsors are offering online courses to members. Below is a list of classes and times. To register.c lick on nkbamanhattan.org . Stay informed, stay current, and stay well!

Thurs, 5/7 @ 11:00 am EST
 My Home is My (Smart) Castle 

Tues, 5/12 @ 11:00 am EST 
Modern Cooking Technologies for the Luxury Client

Thurs, 5/14 @ 11:00 am EST 
A Designer's Survival Guide:
Luxury Kitchen Appliances
ECO AWARDS—Inspiring Our Community Through Environmental Leadership
The Manhattan Chapter is pleased to announce this year we will be honoring our sponsors exhibiting best practices for environmental stewardship with our inaugural 2020 ECO Awards.
We look to inspire not only our sponsors but also our members to consider as well as reduce their environmental footprints. Check your email inboxes for submission forms this month. Deadline: 9/302020.

Are you interested in playing a larger role in your Chapter and serving on the Council? The positions of Membership Chair and Treasurer/Secretary will be up for election this summer to serve in the 2021-2022 term.
For more information, contact Recruitment Chair Charlotte Barnard at charbarnard@yahoo.com and to self-nominate, go to nkba.org.
NOTE: To be eligible, you must be a current member of the Manhattan chapter and you must be available to attend Council meetings on the first Monday of every month.
observations by Kent Brasloff
Editor's Note: This column is a new feature for the Chapter newsletter, to share experiences from our members as they cope with work and life during the Pandemic. If you'd like to share your own experience, email charbarnard@yahoo.com

They told me to wear a mask. They told me to wear gloves. They told me to self-isolate.
So here I sit in my apartment like Rapunzel, or the princes in the tower, hoping not to shave my head in a fit of pique or be bumped off by family members who have tired of my irritating quirks.
I’ve binged-watched Schitt’$ Creek , revisited Downton Abbey , torn through Tiger King like a cat’s claws in expired Walmart meat and desperately tried to save Belgravia for a time—not too distant—when there won’t be any new programming! I failed, and find myself intrigued.
In the frenzy of grocery shopping—which now takes a minimum of two hours—I buy anything I can find, at any price. There was no flour to be had in Washington Heights for 30 days. When I did find it, I bought two sacks. I have no idea what it cost! I am the butcher’s new best friend because I don’t ask “how much?”; I say, “I’ll take it!” At the gourmet shop I eagerly nod my head when offered imported cheese or chocolate carried down a mountain on the back of a virgin because you never know when you might get it again. It’s like sex after 50!
I’ve rooted through old recipes, throwing out rather “meh” ones like that Goat Cheese Cake with gelatin that I never made, the 101 Things You Can Do with Chestnuts compendium, and one for Crunchy Fried Bat (kidding!!!!).
I found a few forgotten gems too: Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Chips, Apricot-Blue Cheese Flatbread, Glazed Carrots with Grapes & Walnuts and a yummy Citrus Grilled Snapper with Lime Rice!
The way I’ve been eating, you’d think I was going to the chair! And I am. From the couch to the chair to the bed to the table. What else is there to do when you’re locked in during a global pandemic? 
I’ve certainly noticed the cracks in my 11-foot cove ceilings; and that my bed pillows are suddenly very lumpy. The sofa needs reupholstering (it was last done in 1964) and the gilded chandelier in my kitchen could use a de-“Havisham”-ing.
I haven’t talked this much on the phone since I was a gum-snapping teen with a mean eye-roll! Friends, cousins, my mother every day. I’m even answering sales calls to keep from being bored and can tell you how much it will cost to re-roof your house, have your teeth straightened or get your car detailed with a “diamond” polish; but I drew the line when a “researcher” called to ask about my thoughts on Coronavirus and her first question was “for what party do you typically vote? How do you identify yourself?” Click.
I’ve attended Zoom meetings, Zoom cocktail parties and even a Zoom Seder, now known as a “Zeder.”
Trying to set up some kind of productive “schedule,” I set a goal of accomplishing three tasks per day. This could be as simple as emptying the garbage, bathing and mopping the kitchen floor; or it could take more complex focus like researching the CARE grant or writing this article. Once done, I was free to rot my brains on The View or stare out the window and contemplate life.
One of those contemplations included the consideration that perhaps in our over-achieving world, this time-out was a free pass to accomplish nothing at all. Perhaps it’s just a time to heal, re-charge and re-think life (and what’s important) in the 21 st  Century?
For me and mine, we’ll take the slow path for now and emerge from our Coronavirus Cocoon in time, one hopes, for the sparkle of the Glorious Fourth. For those who can’t manage that, I say, have a cocktail. It’s Fabuloso!

—Kent Brasloff, Sponsorship Chair, Manhattan Chapter
President's Column | Toni Sabatino
I am putting this May newsletter note together on Cinqo de Mayo which also happens to fall on a Taco Tuesday. Both of these things conjure up memories and images of happy gatherings with great food and fun music. While we wait out the lock down and look forward to whatever becomes the new normal, I hope you are keeping it together, trying to maintain your best practices and taking care of your body and mind. Julie Schuster, our Programs Chair, has put together a calendar of ZOOM CEUs to help us stay connected to our association and keep our minds sharp. These can be found at nkbamanhattan.org. Until we meet again I wish you safety and sanity 😎
—Toni, President, Manhattan Chapter
As the world moves forward in a post-pandemic world, designers are tasked with the challenge of creating spaces that are healthy, safe and still beautiful. VOLA’s hands-free faucet is good for LEED certification and offers a flow of 1.2 gpm; there are adjustable time settings for the cycles from 3 seconds to 20 seconds. These models use .02 gpm per second, so a 3-second cycle will use only .06gpm. The max flow per cycle would be 20 seconds at .4gpm The in-wall Round Series Soap Dispenser (above left) is another example of VOLA’s ability to combine hygiene with design.
For more info, email: sales@hastingstilebath.com  
Designers: Time to submit your best projects.
To get started,  Click here! or contact your local trade representative,  Bianca Olsson  for info.

Students can enter to win a $10,000 scholarship! First runner-up will also be awarded a $5,000 scholarship. Deadline is July 31, 2020.
For more information and to register, click here.

Compete for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $110,000. To enter, write a narrative of no more than 300 words, and upload photos of your remarkable design including at least three Thermador appliances. For details and entry rules, visit  here. The deadline is extented to May 15.

It’s the best of two ovens. The performance you expect from Wolf—now faster and smaller. The 24” and 30” Wolf Speed Ovens: convection wall ovens with microwave capabilities. The efficient heat distribution and browning capabilities of a convection wall oven with the power, speed, and compact size of a microwave deliver superior performance. Cooking methods are combined to prepare a wider variety of foods in reduced time. Preset Gourmet modes remove the guesswork. Its cooking versatility is matched only by its design flexibility. From efficient, small spaces to grand, open kitchens, Wolf has the robust design options to match any size, shape, and aesthetic. Available in contemporary, transitional, and professional styles. For more: bianca.olsson@subzero.com.

Dacor’s Design Council is taking on Covid-19 head on, addressing the issues that affect the A&D community, how they’re operating in this new norm and how design trends will change going forward. Participate in the discussion by RSVPing here.
Throughout the entire month of May, appliance manufacturer Monogram is offering a series of "Table Talks" on a variety of timely topics with leading designers.
For information, a complete schedule and to register, go to mdcchi@geappliances.com
Trade Professionals—you help take Thermador to new heights by incorporating our appliances into your exceptional spaces and designing kitchens beyond clients’ wildest dreams.
Thermador offers a variety of resources and exclusive perks designed specifically for you and your clients, and we can’t wait to see how you use them on your next project. 
We also want to note that we’re here and available to you during this unprecedented time and have curated helpful design content that you can access here.

Look to the Stars for Exclusive Rewards
Trade Professionals—look to the stars for exclusive benefits and exceptional rewards with the  Star® Partner Loyalty Program . If you haven’t signed up for the program, now is the perfect time to get a first glimpse at special trade-only promotions throughout the year along with exclusive industry events. The program delivers invaluable perks—including the ability to earn up to $2,500 on your next project.
For existing Star® Partners, don’t forget to submit your recent Thermador designs!
To learn more, visit  https://starpartner.thermador.com/ .

Easy as One-Two-Free®
Thermador makes remodeling, renovating, and upgrading as easy as  One-Two-Free® . Your clients will love this exceptional program—the more they buy, the more they save. 
With the all-new  Star Savings Estimator,  you can customize your client’s suite and help them create the package of their dreams. For all the exciting promotion details, visit  here.

As Lineadecor, our mission is "to produce aesthetic, functional and high-quality kitchens with the best prices and best quality of materials, reaching all kitchen users, creating absolute customer satisfaction, giving quality service of sales and after sales with our business partners." and this mission has never been more relevant than today.
In these tough times, Lineadecor is working remotely to protect our co-workers and our customers' health. We highly focus on engaging with our customers through online design consultations.
With over 25 years of kitchen manufacturing experience and the cutting edge infrastructure of our factory allowing social distancing, today our production and distribution activities continue uninterrupted.
Thank you for staying home and keeping your social distance till we meet again! For further information and to request an online kitchen design consultation, you're invited to visit lineadecor.us .

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