Come, Let Us Adore: We offered veneration hours for our new crucifix Wednesday. Made of wood from a memorial tree from our grounds, it was blessed two weeks ago on Pentecost.
Here is very useful information if you are thinking about attending Mass June 13-14:

  • As of Thursday afternoon, room remained at every Mass and reservations totaled:
  • 5pm - 165 people, with a blessing planned for high school grads.
  • 7am - 44 people
  • 9:15am - 94 people
  • 11:30am - 15 people

  • Everyone age 4 and up must wear a face mask. Free sanitized cloth masks are available.

  • Print the June 13-14 Worship Aid for your household, or access it on your phone during Mass at our website.

  • Enter the church through the main Gathering Space doors.

  • If you need a low-gluten host, please see the the priest before Mass begins.
School Families Thank Staff BIG With Appreciation Video
Our St. Leonard School families expressed appreciation for our school staff last month in a special way with this video of great gratitude in these challenging times! Check it out below!

Contact our great Gr K3-8 school at or 262-679-0451 to find out all about it!
Live-Stream Mass This Weekend
You're invited to worship with us this Sunday, June 14:

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