Holiday Newsletter 2018

In This Issue 
  • Tips for keeping your furry friends safe this holiday season 
  • Help us make sure local homeless pets have something to celebrate this holiday
  • Choosing the proper pet - NEVER impulse buy a pet for the holidays or as a gift
  • What's in a purebred? Learn about our various dog breeds and what makes them special
  • Special puppies on sale for discounted prices
Helping Homeless Pets This Holiday Season

On any given day, there are more than four hundred homeless dogs, cats and other pets in Maricopa County animal shelters.

As we gear up to give thanks this holiday season, what better time to make sure these pets have a warm bed, plenty of food, shelter and even love this holiday season?

Keep Your Four-Legged Family Members Out of Trouble 

Did you know Misteltoe is really bad for animals or that turkey can be lethal for dogs? 

Check out our tips for ensuring your holiday is safe, not just for you but for the pets in the family too. 

Dogs Are Not Impulse Buys

The decision to bring a dog home should be a family one that is researched and considered carefully.
There are many factors that need to be looked at closely, from the breed of dog to the type of household.

What's in a purebred dog? 
West Highland Terrier

Each month we spotlight a particular breed of dog to educate our customers about the dogs we sell.

The West Highland Terrier or Westie literally has its own fan club.  This adorable dog  is easy to train, super friendly, lively and confident and to say the least spirited. 

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