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New: The Fastest Camera and World's Smallest Standalone Vision System, All in One
As the world’s smallest, stand-alone vision system, the In-Sight 8000 series offers a range of monochrome and color vision systems in resolutions from 0.3MP up to 5MP. Supporting Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed communications, these vision systems offer very fast acquisition and two performance levels to meet a diverse array of machine vision demands.

And now, we're pleased to announce the release of 5 and 2.3 MP high-speed In-Sight area scan vision system in the compact form-factor: the In-Sight 8505P and In-Sight 8502P. These are available in monochrome and color models and are ideal for high-speed, high-accuracy applications. Features include support for High Dynamic Range (HDR+) imaging to reveal features that are not visible with traditional image capture methods, a Global Shutter imager, and Web-HMI functionality.
Reduce Costs and Product Wastage
with the Right Machine Vision
Producing defective products is not an option for manufacturers. By deploying machine vision with the aim of defect elimination right down the production line, you can reduce scrap, reduce capital costs and increase customer satisfaction by minimizing product recalls. All of these factors have a positive impact on the bottom line.
  • Reduce wastage
  • Save money by reducing false rejects
  • Decrease defective production
  • Error proof for fast payback
Let Us Help You Check For Damage and Updates Needed on Your Systems
Let ACS come to your site to check for damage or updates needed on your Cognex, Universal Robots, Epson Robots, or MIR systems. A diagnostic checkup will protect your production lines, reduce risk, and enable success by ensuring you're prepared for the unexpected. We'll do a full checkup of your equipment, software, firmware, and connections related to the product line/s that you have.

  • Mitigate risks and take control of unexpected expenses
  • Keep production running
  • Rapid recovery for any unforeseen event
  • Maximize uptime through seamless collaboration
A World-Class Gripper Just Got Even Better
Your favorite gripper just got better! Robotiq kept the form factor of its Hand-e gripper and improved the internal components. The result? A stronger Hand-E, increased payload and better warranty.
  • Stronger: was 135 N, now 185 N
  • Higher capacity: was 3 kg friction payload, now 4.7 kg
  • Better warranty: was 2-million cycle warranty, now 5 million
Hand-E’s high accuracy and 50 mm parallel stroke make it perfect for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the toughest manufacturing conditions—including CNC machining. The gripper also boasts Plug + Play capability, for ease of programming.
Learn How to Use an Epson Robot
Through the RC+ Simulator
If there was a way to test out a robot application, perform cycle time analysis and optimization before any equipment was ordered to ensure success, would that count for something? Learn about some of the capabilities of the Epson RC+ software, which allows for full application simulations. This allows for faster development and assurance that your ROI will be achieved in the shortest possible time.
Watch the replay of our webinar to learn how to:
  • Set up a robot in the simulator
  • Create a basic program
  • Perform cycle time analysis
  • Learn optimization techniques
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