9-12 year olds: Ready For Anything 
You can keep healthy kids healthy by introducing activities that build resilience. This month, bring your son or daughter to one of two playful workshops, one for teens and the other for ages 9-12:  
  • Interact training day, Saturday April 29, in Providence, RI.
    After the workshop, participating youth ages 12-18 will know of projects they can launch in your community, including Peer Leadership & Depression Prevention (PLDP). The PLDP resource was developed by AWI and is taught to the Rotary sponsored teen group, Interact. First launched in Wellesley three years ago, PLDP is now live in the United States, Puerto Rico and India.
  • Ready for Anything, Saturday, April 15, at the Wellesley Free Library. After the workshop, participating youth ages 9-12 will know how to address any problem creatively, using the PIP Problems-Ideas-Plans model. They will also know how to exercise
    other  healthy coping skills through the virtual Wellness Center. The Ready for Anything resource was developed by AWI and is taught by the Rotary sponsored teen group, Interact. (NOTE: There may be a surprise visit by a Boston Marathon runner!) 
I think this is an exciting week around Boston, with people flying in from around the world to attempt running 26 miles in a few hours. Imagine that - I have never tried to even walk twenty-six miles. My longest walk was eighteen miles and it took me all night to complete.

One runner flying home from college in Miami will be Natasha Snapper, a thoughtful and brave young woman who will attempt her first-ever run of that distance. She reached out to AWI a few months ago to suggest we try for one of the non-profit entry number distributed by towns along the race route. She then volunteered to
run the twenty-six miles as a way to raise at least $22,000 to expand AWI programs. You can read why she runs for AWI and view an interview at the bottom of this newsletter. 
Today, Natasha says, 'There is one week until the Boston Marathon and I am just $3k away from reaching my goal of $22k! Research shows that if you teach healthy coping skills to 22 kids, you will prevent one case of depression. Help me reach my $22k goal so that we can prevent many cases of depression, and even save a life'.
If you already donated, thank you for getting us so close to the goal!
If you usually donate during our Winter Blues/Spring Awakening gala, instead please support AWI this year through Natasha's run; AWI elected to defer the  gala to help Natsha succeed. Every donation to Natasha's run goes directly to AWI.

Next Monday, I will be cheering for Natasha near the halfway mark of the race, standing in front of Pinnacle Residential Properties at 555 Washington Street in Wellesley (and enjoying the free popcorn Pinnacle serves during the race).

Join me if you can!

-Bob Anthony 
A first-time Dad's workshop is available?    
This is
the earliest depression prevention resource I have found.  Check it out  and please let me know about other resources to keep healthy kids healthy in the birth through pre-school ages.  
Next month's featured guest

Next month our featured guest will be Margaret Hannah, MEd, GCEC.  She is the  Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College.

The Center provides innovative resources for depression prevention, awareness and treatment referral.

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Learn why she runs for AWI 

View Natasha's interview through this link. She also writes to explain why she is making such a significant effort to help others.
Natasha Snapper on left with Diana Hockett

Your donation to AWI is greatly appreciated.AWI leverages
every dollar effectively, providing curricula and train-the-trainer workshops.

hecks may be made 
payable to Adolescent Wellness, Inc. and mailed to 103 Old Colony Road, Wellesley, MA 02481. 
AWI is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.
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AWI Volunteers

The people who make it happen!
  • Bob Anthony - President
  • Chip Douglas - Chairman
  • Phyllis Gimbel - Director
  • Calvin Place - Director
  • Lisa Siegel - Director
  • Penny Wells - Director
  • Frank Hays - Marketing
  • Cindy Hurley - Wellesley HS counselor
  • Hannah Lee - Youth Advisory
  • Lindsay Canaday - Youth Advisory
  • Alex Kung - Whyville workshop leader
  • Natsha Snapper - Fundraising

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