June 11, 2020

Dear friends and fellow disciples,

The hurt and confusion in our world remains. The tenor may feel a bit different from week to week. But the COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our state. George Floyd’s funeral was this week, with continued calls for racial justice in our land. There is much to continue to grieve and a lot of work we are called to do.

As we transition into summer, often the pace changes. But this summer, please don’t change the pace at which you are working to care for your neighbors. Make meals and phone calls and send cards. Reach out again and again to those who are lonely and isolated and at risk.

Please don’t change the pace of working to understand the dynamics of race and how we all can work to dismantle the white supremacist racist systems that still reign in our land. Keep learning, keep praying, keep protesting - though please do it safely. Keep looking deep into your heart. I’m trying to spend intentional time each week in confession for the ways I have been blind, the times I have not spoken up when I should, and for the ways those racist systems continue to shape me and my family’s life. 

If you are working on the 21-Day Race Equity Challenge and haven’t already, please email me . The kind of learning we're doing must be followed by both conversation in community and real antiracist action in our world. We’d like to invite you to be a part of the first thing, as we move together towards the second. Marietta and I will be facilitating conversations via Zoom on Sunday, June 14, at 9:45am and 7:00pm, and also June 21 at 7:00pm . Please email Marietta or me for the Zoom links. There will be more dates coming, which I hope to share with you soon.

In the midst of so many hard things, we took a moment on Monday to celebrate. We gathered in the church parking lot and a parade of cars made their way to the homes of the high school seniors in our youth group, who are missing many wonderful closing rituals that happen at this time in a young person’s life. It was a small thing, but the joy in everyone’s eyes was a gift. We’ll pray alongside them in worship on Sunday.

Keep pressing, friends. Keep praying. Jesus is on the loose, and we are called to follow.