July 14, 2020

Dear students,
We say this often, but we’ll say it again: CIM is just not CIM without you and without the music made in this building all day, every day. Although many staff members have returned to campus this week (the first step in our phased return), it is still very quiet and we look forward with joy to seeing you and hearing your artistry again.
Our commitment to you is unwavering, even as the world continues to face uncertainty. CIM’s staff and faculty have been tireless in their approach to the fall semester, seeking information and crafting creative solutions to challenges never before imagined. All of our work has centered on providing the best experience and training that is possible.
Today, we have updates in four important areas for you. (Remember that the Return to Campus section of our website is regularly updated – check for substantial updates to the Conservatory FAQ and Safety Measures pages.)
Personal & Community Responsibility
One of the most important tools we have to fight the spread of the coronavirus is personal responsibility: wash your hands, monitor your health (including your temperature), maintain at least 6 feet (2 meters) of distance between yourself and others and wear a facial covering (mask).
As musicians, you are perhaps even more acutely aware of how your actions influence others – as you collaborate to shape a phrase or tune a chord, we must collaborate to protect our community from the coronavirus.
We have outlined 13 simple steps that every student, faculty member and staff member must pledge to do to contribute to the health and safety of themselves and each other. Click here to read the complete pledge and digitally sign it by Friday, July 31. This pledge supplements CIM’s Code of Conduct, and all community members are expected to comply.
Online Classes
As our commitment to Start with Music this fall, we have prioritized lessons, chamber music and ensemble activities (Orchestra, Opera and New Music Ensemble). After measuring and evaluating every studio, classroom and rehearsal space, it became clear that we needed to make additional modifications to our initial plans for in-person classes.
As a result, music theory, literature classes, seminars and several other courses will meet online in fall 2020 ( find the full list ) . All students should plan to connect with these CIM classes – as well as their CWRU classes as previously announced – virtually. Faculty in these areas have been preparing for this change, and look forward to an engaging semester.
For the best experience, you will need a reliable internet connection and a laptop or tablet that meets the demands of videoconferencing. (If you are also taking lessons remotely, we also recommend investing in a high-definition webcam and appropriate external microphone.)
CIM is a small community – approximately 600 faculty, staff and students – which is a significant advantage in keeping each other safe and healthy. We strongly encourage you to limit interactions with the greater CWRU and Cleveland community as much as possible, and to wear masks and stay physically distant when you must share spaces with others.
As you prepare to move to Cleveland, you should self-quarantine at home for at least 14 days, eliminating all contact with people who are not part of your immediate household. If you are already in Cleveland, take extra precautions in the weeks leading up to July 27 (when you can again use CIM’s building for personal practice) and August 10 (when musical activities begin).
Let’s keep the music playing – your actions today and every day influence the entire CIM community and make it possible for us to learn and work together this fall.
Testing, Contact Tracing and Isolation
CIM will be testing all students on an initial basis (when you first arrive) and periodically, aligned with the approach of our campus partners at CWRU , who provide health and mental health services for our students. Additional details will be shared closer to the beginning of school.
In the event that one resident of a suite at 1609 Hazel is exposed to COVID-19, all members of that suite will be quarantined together for 14 days. If isolation housing is needed for an individual with a positive diagnosis, CWRU will provide appropriate space, meals and support services.
Look for additional updates in the coming days and weeks – it is important for you to check your CIM email frequently as we continue to share important information about the return to campus.
As always, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. We are counting down the days until we see you again!
Paul W. Hogle, President | CEO
Judy Bundra, PhD, Chief Academic Officer & Dean