Please Act Now to Push Congress to Include Disability Supports in
Current COVID-19 Package

With the Senate’s COVID-19 funding bill stalled on Monday, the House has had time to release its own proposed legislation. We’re hearing from Capitol Hill insiders that your advocacy is making a difference in on-going negotiations between both chambers, so please keep the pressure on your members of Congress! People with disabilities and their supports MUST BE included in emergency funding!

What You Can Do: Use this email tool  to send a message to include intellectual / developmental disability (I/DD) supports in provisions creating emergency funds and small business loans.

The Details: Yesterday, the Senate Republican leadership did not receive enough votes for its proposed COVID-19 stimulus package, forcing negotiations to continue between Senate Democrats and Republicans, and now with House Democrats who have introduced their own package.

We know these are stressful times for everyone and the frequent action alerts are exhausting, but you are being heard and now is the time to keep speaking up loudly and clearly. Please keep up the good work by taking action today!

Please act now to send a message to your
United States Senators and Congressperson.

John Wayne Barker
Merrick, Inc.