Dear Friends, we hope you are happy and healthy at the start of this holiday season.

On September 13 we welcomed ALL students back into the LaGuardia building after 18 difficult months. Through the masks we saw bright smiles and wide-eyed enthusiasm as they reconnected, eager to pursue their passions.
The halls are once again filled with the sounds of instruments being tuned, toes tapping to live accompanists, and voices raised in perfect harmony. We hear monologues and vocal warmups as the smell of turpentine and sawdust waft through the air. Although the world is not yet back to its pre-Covid state, having the arts back in person for ALL LaGuardia students gives us comfort and a much needed sense of community. However, many challenges still remain due to the pandemic.
100% of your tax-deductible contributions provide vital funding that enhances LaGuardia’s unparalleled arts education, helping to achieve equitable opportunities for ALL students.

Your gift today will subsidize and strengthen LaGuardia’s arts programming with:

  • live accompanists for dance, theater, vocal, and instrumental classes

  • art supplies and live models

  • costumes and props

  • teaching artists and master classes taught by industry professionals

  • on-site instrument repair

  • scholarships for summer arts programs and private lessons

  • emergency funding for students who face unexpected obstacles that could hinder their education

  • and so much more!

Your gift also helps to keep our network of 50,000 alumni connected!
You know the healing power of the arts and the deep value of a FREE arts education. Can we count on your financial support so that today’s inspiring LaGuardia students can make the world brighter and more beautiful?

Thank you!
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Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia
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Congratulations to Ray Billingsley (M&A ‘75), creator of “Curtis” comic strip, who was named Cartoonist of the Year from the National Cartoonists Society! Follow him on instagram at @Ray.Billingsley

The poster below was created by Billingsley during his high school years at Music and Art!

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There are so many upcoming opportunities to see incredible work by LaGuardia's students!

Due to covid considerations, all upcoming shows will be livestreamed and will be FREE to watch from the comfort of your own home via LaGuardia High School's website
There are so many reasons to be thankful. We are thankful for the generosity of alumni and other friends who support LaGuardia's arts education.
“I am so grateful to Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia and to this school for supporting my artistic endeavors. Theater has taught me how to use my voice and stay true to myself. I've learned that my story deserves to be told, and that I am capable of succeeding in my craft, even though I did not come from an elite artistic background. Alumni & Friends and the drama department have made me feel like I belong in this industry and that I am equal to the other artists in my department.”
– Amanda Reynolds, LaG ’22
Alumni & Friends Little Flower Awardee for Drama

We are grateful for having had the experience of attending LaGuardia (or Music and Art or Performing Arts) and being surrounded by artistic and creative peers and teachers. Please read more notes of thanks from the alumni community, and click below to share your own!
“I met my husband and my best friends for life at LaGuardia. And while I didn’t continue on to be a musician, the academic education I received there (thanks, Dr. Rowes!) helped pave the way for me to become a writer. Right now, I am writing with Faure’s Requiem in the background, and I can thank LaGuardia for this gift.”
– Danielle Braff Karpinos, LaG ’97

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The Alumni & Friends Legacy Society provides a way for our community to support LaGuardia students and the future of LaGuardia’s arts education through gift and estate planning.

For more information and to download a Legacy Society form please visit our website at https://alumniandfriends.org/give/legacy-society/

Please contact Alumni Director Zoë Schneider at 212-595-1301 or zoe@alumniandfriends.org to discuss planned giving opportunities.
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