Dear Friends, 


Safe in the Land


Independence Day

For Holocaust Survivors Israel is a place of hope, their safe haven and only refuge. Every year for them Israel's Independence Day has special meaning. Holocaust Survivors are perhaps more thankful than anyone for this land that God has provided for his people.


For their celebration this year we made a traditional Israeli barbecue and our young people presented a number of classical and modern musical pieces for our friends in the Association of Holocaust Survivors in Rishon LeZion. 


It is said that our Survivors are

never fully free from the trauma of

what happened to them and their loved ones, but it was also clear that the gentle music, good food and loving fellowship of caring believers gives them comfort. Their appreciation was evident with smiles, feet tapping and hand clapping.


Keeping them safe in the Land


Meeting with Survivors

We were also able to make a generous contribution to the Association of Holocaust Survivors. These funds enable them to organize special meals for the Survivors, celebrate their holidays and care for the many funerals whose numbers are increasing with each passing year.


Many thanks to Outi Cappel and the Burning Heart Foundation, Christian friends of Israel from Finland who have contributed generously to help our Survivors.


With these donations we were also able to help the dear Survivor in this picture with a new hearing aid. This lovely woman is determined to help others and still does volunteer work at the local hospital in Petah Tikva. "I need to hear better so I can help the sick people," she told us.


We will continue to visit with Survivors and bring what comfort and friendship we are able. Please let us know if you would like to contribute or have suggestions how we can together help these dear ones.


Learning about the Land

We took a group of elderly members of Beit Immanuel 

for a day trip to learn about the Rothschild family and the important contributions they made to the establishment of the State of Israel including the first agricultural settlements around the country


If you would like to partner with us in this and other ministries of Beit Immanuel Congregation please visit our website for details. 

David Lazarus
for Beit Immanuel Congregation