Day Light Savings Ends November 3rd.
Fall back ONE hour Saturday evening!
It's that time of year to feed our neighbors and friends. We need your help, please sign up to bring in ALL the ingredients to make up one basket. Below is the list of things to put in a brown paper bag.
We need them by November 14th. 
Thank You!
Food Gift card from local store $20.00
Large box of instant potatoes
Bag of stuffing
Large jar of turkey gravy
2 large cans of vegetables(peas,beans, corn)
1 large can fruit
1 can/jar cranberry sauce
Harvest-Yuletide Fair fun! Saturday November 9th, 2019
We can not do it without you! Below are our needs for a successful event.

*Good quality wrapping paper. i.e; Christmas, Wedding, Birthday and also boxes with lids.

*Pies, cakes, cupcakes, breads, jellies or jams and special family recipe type baked goods.

*Sign-up to contribute your time

*Unopened gifts not being used are great raffle items for our raffle table.

*Invite a friend to the fair lunch!

Looking to serve the church in a new and exciting way? We are currently seeking someone for the Moderator - Officer Position.