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Healthy Moms and Children Strengthen Nevada
Welcome New Members

Kelly Swan, Renew Therapeutic Enhancement Services
Deanna Herrmann , Sunrise Children's Hospital
Brandee Newsom, High Risk Pregnancy Center
Brittnie Lents, Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada

The Healthy Mom, Happy Family Show

The first MCH podcast features Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, LPCC, BC-MDT. Gabrielle is a dance/movement therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor with over 20 years experience in the helping profession. She is currently the director of Training and Technical Assistance for Maternal Mental Health Now. She has developed several programs for high-risk children and teens, taught classes to parents of newborns and toddlers, and facilitates support groups for single parents and women with postpartum depression. Gabrielle has spoken widely, published articles on parenting, and served as editor for Bringing Light to Motherhood. 
Southern NV MCH Meeting
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Featuring guest speakers, Kameron Klein, CHW, CLE and
Anne Heppenstall, LCSW
Interested in learning more about what the NV Statewide MCH Coalition is working on with the Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder program? Join MCH members at the SN MCH coalition meeting as we welcome guest speakers, Kameron Klein, PMAD Coordinator and Anne Heppenstall, MSW, LCSW to learn about PMAD training's, support groups and community outreach. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 13 from 3-4:30 at the Southern NV Health District, click here for agenda .
Upcoming Trainings and Events
The next meeting for Northern and Southern Maternal and Child Health Coalitions are:

Las Vegas : Tuesday, March 13th at 3PM
Southern NV Health District

Reno : Thursday, March 8th at 12PM
Washoe County Health District
Become a Part of the Three Square Team!

2018 marks Three Square's 10th year of operations in Southern Nevada! It's an exciting time to join the team.

The Importance of Elementary Science Education on Community Health
March 9, 2018 from 11AM-12PM
Over the last generation, there have been significant structural changes in public education that prioritize science education. In a time when STEM careers have labor shortages, many of our elementary schools are teaching about less than an hour of science a week. In this talk they will briefly explore the history of science education over the last 20 years and what this means for the health of our communities as today's youth join the workforce. They will also dive into what Sierra Nevada Journey's and other local initiatives are doing to prepare our children for future STEM careers in the 21st Century.

Scott Hill, Education Director, grew up in Colorado where he fell in love with the mountains. After working in a dendrochronology (tree-ring) lab in college, he began his teaching career in a windowless classroom in Houston, TX, with Teach for America. He found a new passion in working with youth and after seeing first-hand the benefits of taking his students outside to learn, Sean entered the informal science education field as a Graduate Fellow for the Walking Mountains Science School in Avon, Colorado.

Sean has a MS Degree from Colorado State University and a BS in Environmental Biology from Montana State University and has been overseeing educational projects for Sierra Nevada Journeys since 2009.
Behavioral Care and Dementia Needs: SB 121 Committee Listening Session
Department of Public & Behavioral Health | Conference Room 303
4150 Technology Way, Carson City, NV 89706
Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
9:30AM -12PM
In partnership with the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division and the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, the Alzheimer's Association is proud to host a Listening Session about the behavioral and cognitive care needs of older adults in Nevada. Testimony from family caregivers and professionals will be heard about the unique challenges the issues pose.

Registration is required. Please RSVP to Anakaren Lamas at 775-786-8061 or

The Afterglow PMADs Support Group Training
Washoe County Health Department | 1001 E 9th St B | Room B | Reno, Nevada 89512
Thursday, March 15, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM | No cost for attendees
Ashley Hanna Morgan will be facilitating a training to discuss the facts and research surrounding PMADs in moms and dads, going over group theory and dynamics, and using her published book as a guide, "The Afterglow: A Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder Support Group Curriculum." While all parents need support, this group is designed specifically for parents who experience signs and symptoms of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD), including Perinatal or Postpartum Depression (PPD) or Prenatal or Postpartum Anxiety (PPA), anxiety, OCD, or PTSD. Whether you're a licensed mental health clinician, a nurse, a doula, a mid-wife, a lactation consultant, a grandparent, a rabbi, a pastor, or a parent who has fully recovered from a PMAD, you're qualified to lead a support group with the curriculum provided and yours to keep upon completion of the training. A good rule of thumb is to have been in recovery for at least one year before facilitating a support group for others. 
How Are You Feeling Now?
While many women experience some mild mood changes or "the baby blues" during or after the birth of a child, 10% to 15% of women experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Any woman can suffer from pregnancy or postpartum mood or anxiety disorders. However, with support and care you can prevent a worsening of symptoms and can feel normal again. It is essential to recognize symptoms so that a mother can get the help she needs and deserves.

The NV Statewide MCH Coalition’s PMAD Program is now offering assistance to mothers and families who may be experiencing PMADs. Please print out the referral form and inform your staff about the PMAD Program and what we are able to offer! Once the form is completed, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker will be in contact directly with the client to better assist the client’s needs and to find local resources available.

If you have any questions please contact Kameron Klein, PMAD Coordinator at .

Helpful Information
New Guidance Tool for Treating Pregnant and Parenting Women with Opioid use Disorder and Their Infants
SAMHSA has released a new tool to assist health care providers in caring for pregnant women and new mothers with opioid use disorder and their infants. The new publication, Clinical Guidance for Treating Pregnant and Parenting Women with Opioid Use Disorder and Their Infants, including 16 fact sheets, with each fact sheet containing four elements:
  • Clinical scenario
  • Clinical action steps
  • Supporting evidence and clinical considerations
  • Web resources
SAMHSA developed the Clinical Guidance to meet an urgent need among health care professionals for reliable, useful, and accurate information when caring for these populations.

Update on the Medical Home Portal
The “ For Parents & Families ” section, the largest content area on the Nevada Medical Home Portal (>170 pages), aims to meet the needs of families of children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) who seek good information about raising a child with special needs, about their condition(s), and about how to manage their care and navigate the healthcare system. The section covers topics from Finding Quality Information to Legal Issues and Funding ... Needs , Assistive Technology to Navigating Transitions both in school and to adulthood. It provides tips on how to choose providers and advocate for your child. The “For Families” section offers help for keeping and organizing important records, including templates for creating your own Care Notebook , helping clinicians write a Letter of Medical Necessity , and Appealing Funding Denials . There are frequently asked questions and answers ( FAQs ), written specifically for parents, for each of the 52 diagnoses on the Portal, as well as pages about adaptive recreation, taking care of yourself and your family, and fulfilling other needs. The section also offers information about services for children ages 0-3, including those provided through public education, and how to access and advocate for them.

Every page in the “For Parents & Families” section is written and/or reviewed by experienced parents and advocates, mostly from Utah Family Voices , the Utah chapter of Family Voices , a major partner in the Portal's development since its inception.

The NV Medical Home Portal hopes to help parents/guardians understand and communicate with professionals about their child’s diagnosis to enable family members to partner in the process and improve outcomes for their child. Please take a look and use the Feedback link to let them know what you think.  
PMAD Support Groups
Northern Nevada

Ashley Hanna Morgan, LCSW
Southern Nevada

Doulas of Las Vegas
2298 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 215
Henderson, NV 89052
First and Third Monday's of every month at 7:30PM
PSI Weekly Online Support Groups
Wednesday Chats for Moms (English and Spanish)
Chat Number: (800) 944-8766
Participant Code: 73162
Postpartum Support Group
Led by Kaleigh Mancha
Shining Star Community Services
4580 S. Eastern Ave Suite 33
Las Vegas, NV 89119
First and Third Tuesday's of each month at 10:00AM
Learn About MCH Programs
Sober Moms, Healthy Babies
The mission is to reduce the impact of substance use in Nevada. One of the primary goals is to prevent alcohol and drug use among women of childbearing years and women currently pregnant. To achieve this goal, they have partnered with many of the treatment centers in the state that treat pregnant women struggling with addiction. Overall, for State Fiscal Year 2013, SAPTA funded 22 treatment organizations, providing services in 68 locations throughout Nevada. Together, these providers had 11,907 treatment admissions. Sober Moms, Healthy Babies provide many resources if you are looking for help or if you are wanting to help someone else. 

Go Before You Show
The NV Statewide MCH Coalition is working with the Go Before You Show campaign to encourage young women who think they may be pregnant to see a doctor. The coalition has flyers to distribute to the community, if your organization wants flyers contact Jacqueline Kennedy by email or call 702-616-4970.
The NV Statewide MCH Coalition sub-grant is supported by the Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) through Grant Number B04MC29352 and BO4MC30626 from the United States Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the State of Nevada General Fund.
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