Happy Easter
Good Breathing Techniques
Just because we are all staying home doesn't mean our stress level is less. In fact, it's probably worse! Many athletes use visualization to get the edge over competition and to ease their nerves before a big competition. You can do this too!

Choose a GOAL. Keep it clear and make it measurable. Then ask yourself exactly what you need to do to make it happen. Being specific about the actions you'll take to reach a goal, allows you create a more targeted mental picture, which in turn gets stronger results. Combining imagery with actual practice is essential for it to make a substantial difference.

Here is another idea... Combat stress & speed muscle rebuilding by practicing this breathing exercise at least once a day: Breathe in for 4 counts- hold for 2 - and exhale for 6. This will bring your heart rate down, it lowers blood pressure, and restores glycogen, which your muscles use as fuel.

Stay healthy and sane. Things will get better. Love you all! 
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