June 7, 2023

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Keep your lawn signs!

Our fight is not over! Feel strongly about safe walking and biking on Summit, protecting the mature tree canopy, and historic character? Join the cause and contribute here:


Click here for our GoFundMe page.


Don’t take down your yard signs! Stickers will be added in the coming weeks!


What’s next? The SOS Steering Committee is gearing up for the next phase of the resistance. Stay tuned for more details.



The DPA Lawsuit is still active—next steps:

o  The judge has ruled that the City is still in violation of the Open Data laws and the Data Practices Act.

o  Penalties/damages could be awarded for the violation.

o  The City Council vote presents fatal legal issues when the city is in clear violation of open DPA laws and DPA requests.

o  Civil rights journalist and supporter of “the public’s right to know” Tony Webster has been admitted as a “friend” -- now is an “amicus curiae”—of the DPA lawsuit

Litigation— MERA 

  • MERA is the Minnesota Environmental Rights Act, and it requires an environmental review process.

  • No Environmental review has been conducted of the impacts on trees and irreversible destruction of the historical streetscape.

  • This demonstrates the city is trying to maneuver around insurmountable barriers.


  • SOS needs to be ready to file a MERA and potentially 106 claims right on the heels of Met Council approval in the next 2-3 months. 


What can you do? 

  • Keep the pressure on elected officials
  • Push accountability with your councilmembers – 
  • Pay attention to who is running for these seats: Wards 1,3,5 & 7
  • Challenge the wasteful spending
  • The city is wasting taxpayers' $ forcing a project through that the courts are certain to overturn. 
  • Summit’s Bad “Plan” is coming for your street and pocketbook:
  1. Comment against the Draft Bike Plan
  2. Tell them it's too expensive, and you support standard bike lanes, NOT separated cycle paths.
  3. Stop the steamroll and get real experts involved. 

Saint Paul has much higher priorities than kowtowing to a small fringe group of Coalition Biker activists 


·     Do you have ideas? Get in touch!  

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3197 petition signers and still growing.

ABOUT SOS (Save Our Street)
Save Our Street is a citizen group that seeks to educate and advocate for the preservation of the historic streetscape of Summit Avenue as a treasured St. Paul destination and a safe, tree-lined, multi-modal corridor for generations to come.

SOS Steering Committee Chair: Gary Todd [email protected] 651-470-4720

SOS Public Relations Carolyn Will [email protected] 612-414-9661