The Davis Principles
Hawks Family,

I have continued to be blessed by our community. The value of our school is evident even more so in times like these. Thank you for the many ways that you make our school family what it is. From your daily sacrifices, to your offerings of supportive prayers, words of encouragement, and actions.

There was a particular passage that struck me this week, and I wanted to share it with you. Matthew 14:30-31 - "But when he saw this strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. 'Save me, Lord!' he shouted. Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him.   'You have so little faith,'  Jesus said.   'Why did you doubt me.'  "

It was evident as I was reading this Wednesday night how much we can be like the Peter in this story. When uncertainty is present, it is easy to allow doubt to enter our minds and take your eyes off of the one that can keep us walking.

This text made me think of a song by a Christian group from several years ago. It may not be your favorite music, but just listen to the words.   https://youtu.be/focGn7hngzE .

My prayer is that we will keep our eyes on Jesus. That when the seas roll, and the waves crash, we will not fear, because "this is our Father's world."

Enjoy the many great things that you see in our Hawk Headlines this week. There is no doubt that He is working in our school community. Please remember that if you are in need of anything, our school community is here to help. We love you all, and pray for you every single day.


Bill Davis
TK-12 Principal
We Miss You, EAA Family
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EAA Constituent Churches at Worship
During this time of stay-at-home orders, it has been difficult for church communities to enjoy the fellowship and community that church provides. If you are looking to stay involved in church life, we encourage you to look into one of our constituent church services virtually. A number of our churches have sent links to their church livestream services and/or recordings for Saturday mornings. See below:

In Support of EAA 2020 Graduates
If you are on Facebook, you have seen hundreds of people posting their Senior pictures in support of the Graduates of 2020 who are missing all of the usual events leading up to receiving that diploma. EAA staff wanted to show EAA graduates that we support them and are thinking of them through this difficult time. For the next several Hawks Headlines issues, Senior pictures of EAA staff will be posted. 2020 Graduates, we miss you and want you to know that we hope to celebrate your accomplishments with you soon. Enjoy!
Mrs. Browning
Mrs. Blue
Mrs. Shitabata
Mrs. McCary
Mr. Zimmerman
Hawks Sightings!
The EAA Family helps Izzy Bake r (gr 5) celebrate her 11th birthday with a car parade, signs, balloons, waves and lots of good wishes!
And Now, For Your Listening Pleasure...
Mr. Spencer works his magic in uniting the Distance Learning members of the EAA Band.
Virtual Science Lab
When EAA transitioned to Distance Learning there were several classes which presented challenges. How do you direct a Choir through Distance Learning? How do you have a PE class with a Basketball game through Distance Learning? How do students experience Science Labs through Distance Learning?

Mrs. Vindel, EAA's Science Teacher, found a way. She applied to Flinn Scientific and was approved for their virtual dissection program. This program has been made available to EAA for two months, free of charge. There is a full narrated video of the full dissection, resource sections with pictures for each body system, interactive microscopes to use to observe structures and questions for assessment at the end. Students can work at their own pace and review anything they need as they go.

Thank you, Mrs. Vindel, for making sure that EAA's scientific minds have access to this important portion of learning.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DNA
The study of DNA is part of the curriculum for Sophomore Biology. For a recent assignment, Mrs. Vindel requested that students create podcasts titled, DNA Barcode Projects. Listen, enjoy and learn!

Audio Clip 1 Keandra Gluck
Audio Clip 2 Amanda Tapia
Quarantine Haikus
haiku  is an unrhymed Japanese poetic form that consists of 17 syllables arranged in three lines containing five, seven, and five syllables, respectively. A  haiku  expresses much and suggests more in the fewest possible words.

As part of a class assignment, Mrs. Browning asked her students to express their feelings about the COVID 19 Quarantine in the form of a Haiku. Below are some of the verses submitted by the students.
Quarantine Woes - A Haiku
By Emily Seals

yearbook is finished
I cry tears of joyfulness
math is still not done
By Kiana Shetler

Fresh air seems foreign
All I want is some Starbucks
Quarantine is bad
By Naia Trinity

Bored in the hot house 
The window is taunting me
Come outside Naia
By Ella Cooper

days blend together 
im even bored of sleeping
i miss the outside  
By Lisa Sand 

Six feet apart from

Everything I want to do 

Life is all online 
By Moses Kisaka 

Quarantine is trash
I just want to go outside
Please come rescue me

By Keandra Gluck 

I've done so little 
And watched and eaten much more
My bed is my home
By Mckenna Morrow

Quarantine is fun
Aside from the fact that the
Restaurants are closed.

By Malia Berry

Has everyone quarantined
Making it boring 

By Evan Nielson

I can’t go surfing
Six feet distance between us
Always wash your hands

By Caleb Washington
I miss all my friends
My motivation is gone
But God is still here
HawksCast - Tune In!
Check out the HawksCast Podcast. This is the weekly version of morning announcements. Birthday celebrations and the Wednesday Word are included. Subscribe and tune in weekly.
EAA, You Made A Difference
Thank you to all who contributed to this fundraiser. This is the Hawk Spirit in action!
Earlier this spring, the National Honor Society, under the direction of sponsor, Mrs. Vindel, organized a Pennies for Patients fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The letter to Mrs. Vindel from the Vice President, Katie Warrensford, states:

Escondido Adventist Academy has officially completed its Pennies for Patients campaign, and we couldn’t be more grateful to you and your entire school community for your outstanding efforts. Thanks to you, our Hero Squad is one step closer to accomplishing our mission: a world without blood cancers."
EAA Library Is Open for YOU!
There are several boxes with EAA library books out front for you to check out. The boxes are on the left hand side of the front entrance doors. There is a check out form and pencil in an envelope so your student can help us track which books are coming and going and seem to be the most popular. The boxes are marked appropriately for age groups Tk-8th grade, but you are more than welcome to take what you feel most comfortable reading..If possible, please wear gloves as you go through the books in the boxes.. We hope that maybe taking a drive once a week to pick out some new books to read will make you happy.

Many library students may recall that I bought a copy of "El Deafo" for us, a new graphic novel that is receiving several awards. (hint: I set the book out yesterday) I've been having a good time listening to Cece Bell tell about her book on her youtube channel. I didn't realize that she is deaf and the book is autobiographical. Every week she goes over a chapter and gives us her "behind the scenes" look at her childhood. You don't have to read the book to enjoy her story. You can look Cece Bell up on youtube or follow this link:

 If you have any questions, comments or special interests, please send an email to
Mrs. Henkes @  dhenkes@eaaschool.org  
Celebrating EAA Birthdays
Wishing the following Hawks the happiest of birthdays during the Month of May.

May 1  Jaxon Hernandez & Jiyoung Park
May 6  Brooklyn Abreau, Robert Lister , Kaitlynn Martinez & Mrs. Peterson
May 9   Ashley Bae & Bianca Tanwangco
May 10  Athena Kabingue
May 13  Jessica Aguilar, Miya Bumroongchart & Mike Li,
May 14  Taylor Vodicka
May 15  Cameron Fowler
May 16 Abgail Besufekad
May 24  Riley Meyers
May 29  Mrs. Browning
May 31    Jovan Uribe
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