February 2019
Congregant of the Year Recommendation

Th e Board is accepting and reviewing recommendations for this annual award. Please privately contact a member of the Board with your nominee and your reasons for recommending them.
February Yahrzeits
February 1st
Charles Fidler
Tillie Katz
Raymond Leonard
Sol Rauch
Charles Richards
Judy Schwartz

February 8th
Estelle Cohen
Margaret Denly
Florence Epstein
Herbert Fischler
Marc Hirsch

February 8th (continued)
Walter Kent
Sarkis Nahabedian
Shirley Wettreich

February 15th
Dora Bimbaum
Irene Brother
Rose Hovsha
Kevin J. McHugh
Joab Rabinowitz
Edward Richards
Lena Scolnick
Alexander Sevici
Hillard Shurdut
Charles Steinberg
February 15th (continued)
Esther Waxman
Alfred Zehngut

February 22nd
Murary Bernstein
Edward Heckel
Hattie Hirshman
Henry Howard
Bernie Hurwitz
Dolores Lubowitz
George Kyte Mackillop
Judy Heines Miller
Albert Powell
Larrry Sauer
Judith Solo

February Oneg Schedule
Feb 1 - 7 pm Family Shabbat - Music with Sue Horowitz - Grade 6 -  Arrington*, Berman, Cole & Evans, Schwartz, Silton

Feb 8 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat - Music by Shpiel - Goss & Beck-Goss*, Epstein, Haas, McBride
Feb 15 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat -  Burton*, Brother, Green, Notinger

Feb 22 - 6 pm Sunset Shabbat -   Friedlander*, Grier, Holladay & Navy, Michaud
Thank You
Thank you friends for your kind well wishes following my recent shoulder replacement surgery. They were very much appreciated.

Lucy Danzig
Special Meeting
A Special Meeting is called for Sunday, February 10, 2019 beginning at 4:30 pm. It will take place at Congregation Shalom, with the option for virtual participation. Your participation is needed to conduct temple business.

  • Request membership approval for an expenditure of $13,735 for replacement of an HVAC system, as previously authorized by the Board of Trustees.
  • Request membership approval for an expenditure of $5,446 for completion of work to install a grease trap, as previously authorized by the President to ensure our building would have operational rest rooms for the High Holidays. 

  • Request membership authorization of up to $8,200 for enclosing our trash, recycling, and clothing donation bins on a solid surface. This is the final requirement for compliance with the Chelmsford Board of Health requirements.

  • Request membership authorization of up to $20,570 for replacement of both the Function Hall and the Sanctuary HVAC units if, and only if, the House Committee recommends immediate replacement of the units and the Board of Trustees agrees with the recommendation. 

For those who would like to look at some details before the meeting, additional information on each of these topics is available for download.

I am excited to let you know that virtual participation will be accommodated at this meeting . Please be patient since this is our first attempt at this and though we don’t anticipate any issues, we won’t know until we try. If you wish to participate from a remote location:

  • Please get set up at least 15 minutes before the meeting to give time to work through any potential issues. You will need either a computer with a speaker and microphone, or a computer and a phone.

  • After you have joined the meeting, if you want to “raise your hand” to speak, click on the speech bubble near the top to open a dialog box. Then simply type your request to speak; you will be unmuted by the moderator when it is your turn. 

  • When a vote is taken, you will use the same dialog box to vote.

If you have any questions ahead of time, feel free to email me . The day of the meeting, you can call Liz Denly at 978-328-2551 for assistance. 

All members are encouraged to participate in this important business of Congregation Shalom. These are important projects! Please cast your vote.
Donations made between December 1st, 2018 and December 30, 2018:
Donations from our members:

General Operating Fund
Kenneth Weintraub & Amanda Spiro

Chai Fund
John & Deborah Arthur
Bill & Joan Bernstein
Dan & Janet Dubner
Bruce Goss & Julie Beck-Goss
Gavin &Jennifer Heater
Gerald & Anne Indorf
Dennis & Susan McHugh (in honor of the fun-loving Morrissey family)
Dennis & Susan McHugh (with gratitude for being a part of our amazing Congregation Shalom community)
Cory & Joanna Myers
Shoshana Perry & Hale Powell
Edward & Shelly Rainen
Rosanne Riddick

Helping Hand Fund
Dan and Janet Dubner (in memory of James Morrissey, father of John Morrissey)

Martin Ames Social Action Fund
Arnie & Joan Kerzner
Donations from friends of Congregation Shalom:

General Operating Fund
Ronald & Pamela Bruckman
Jeffrey A. Goldman
Peter & Heather Myerson
Philip S. Nyman
Evan M. Siegel
Stephen & Seena Urquhart
The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Education Fund (school)
Stephen & Seena Urquhart

All donations are very much appreciated. Thank you!

And Don't Forget...
Get Your Grocery Cards
Grocery cards are available for Hannaford, Stop&Shop, Whole Foods or Donelan's, and the Temple makes $7 cash back for each $100 purchased. This leads to thousands of dollars for our programs, with no extra out-of-pocket money from you. Grocery cards can even be sent to college students. Contact Toby Sedgwick , to sign up for the monthly program, and then start shopping and giving back to Congregation Shalom at the same time.
Order Bookplates for our High Holiday Prayer Books
The Ritual Committee is always pleased to accept bookplate orders at any time of the year. One set of bookplates cost $36.00. Since there are 2 bookplates, you do not have to have the same name on both plates.
Look for the forms on the wall opposite the office, or  email Laura . This is a beautiful way to remember lifecycle events.
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