July 2019
Members of the Board of Trustees

These are the members of Congregation Shalom’s Board of Trustees for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. New officers and trustees were voted in at Annual Meeting.
President                         Liz Denly
First Vice President         Cayla Maguire
Executive VP                   Aaron Ginsberg
Executive VP                  Staci Landress
Treasurer                        Rosanne Riddick
Secretary                        Sandy Moore
Sisterhood rep               Anne Rosenberg
Brotherhood rep             David Brother
Past President               Joanna Myers
Rabbi (non-voting)          Rabbi Perry
Shalomites (non-voting)   Maura Maguire
Trustee    Toby Sedgwick
Trustee    David Holladay
Trustee    Gerald Indorf
Trustee    Rob Berkovitz
Trustee    Carol Frampton
Trustee    Gary Green
Trustee    Steve Notinger
Trustee    Rich Smith
School Fees
 Fiscal Year 2019 – 2020
These are Congregation Shalom’s School fees for fiscal year 2019 – 2020, as approved at Annual Meeting:
Pre-school (members) $364
Pre-school (nonmembers)                  $421
Religious school                                  $450
Hebrew school                                     $489
Chai school (Confirmation program)    $437
Post-Confirmation (grades 11-12)        $209
July Yahrzeits
July 5th
Dorothy Brahm
Wilma Ruth Carrick
Hilda Edelstein
Bernard Hovsha
Hyman Indorf
Evelyn Indorf
Evelyn Rodman
Sam Salmirs

July 12th
Ella Antokal
Abraham Danzig
Alfred DesLauriers
Sam Fagelman
Marianne Fried
Dorothy Griffith
Simon Kasowitz
Arthur Nahabedian
Michael Picard
Lawrence Wikander

July 19th
Sidney Berenson
Melvin Boroshok
Joseph Davis
Josephine Dreher
Ann Elkins
Adele Friedlander
Nathan Harry Katz
Joan Liebman
Mary Rauch

July 26th
Rita Miller
Moses Solomon Strock
Donation Acknowledgements
The following donations were received from May 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019. All donations are very much appreciated – thank you!

Donations from our members

General Operating Fund:
Jesse & Bonnie Heines (in memory of Bonnie’s father, Max Rambach)

Chai Fund:
Alex Cole & Danielle Evans-Cole (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
David Holladay & Caryn Navy (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
Nesan & Liz Jegasothy (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
Jay & Cayla Maguire (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
Shoshana Perry & Hale Powell (Thank you to the congregation for the amazing honor to serve for 20+ years)
Rosanne Riddick (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
Mel & Judy Starr (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)

Education Fund:
David & Elana Newman (thank you to Deborah Morrissey, Rich Laider, and Rob Berkovitz)

Donations from friends of Congregation Shalom

Chai Fund:
Alfred Goldstein (In honor of Rabbi Perry’s 20 th Anniversary)
And Don't Forget...
Get Your Grocery Cards
Grocery store gift cards are available for four different stores. We earn 6% from Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and Donelan's, and 3% from Whole Foods. This leads to thousands of dollars for our programs, with no extra out-of-pocket money from you. Contact  Toby Sedgwick , to sign up for the monthly program or to receive cards as needed, and then start shopping and giving back to Congregation Shalom at the same time. You can have grocery cards sent to college students too!
Order Bookplates for our High Holiday Prayer Books
The Ritual Committee is always pleased to accept bookplate orders at any time of the year. One set of bookplates cost $36.00. Since there are 2 bookplates, you do not have to have the same name on both plates. Look for the forms on the wall opposite the office. This is a beautiful way to remember lifecycle events.
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