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October 15, 2020
Virtual Rally October 16: No Confirmation Before Inauguration
Join people from across Missouri to demand our senators stop rushing to confirm President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. The election is already underway — they should wait until the people choose the next president. Take action and tell the Senate: No confirmation before inauguration!

Women’s Voices’ statement:
While it is the duty of the President to suggest nominees to fill vacant positions on the Supreme Court, the current actions of the Senate are completely hypocritical. When a vacancy occurred early in the final year of Barack Obama's presidency, the Senate refused to consider the nominee. They stated that the people should have a voice in the appointment and that the hearing to consider Merrick Garland needed to be postponed until after the 2016 election. Now, when a vacancy occurred just weeks before the general election, the Senate is racing to confirm President Trump's nominee. We urge you to make a call today and point out this hypocrisy to Senators Blunt and Hawley. Senator Blunt 202-224-5721. Senator Hawley 202-224-6154.
Redistricting Scheme: NO on Amendment 3
Former U.S. Senator John Danforth calls Amendment 3 “a redistricting scheme more extreme than Missouri has ever seen.” Organizations including AARP Missouri, the NAACP Missouri State Conference and the Missouri League of Women Voters oppose Amendment 3.

If you would like to do phone banking to call voters, using your own phone and internet connection, contact Ally at 816-863-3734, email or sign up online here.

Women’s Voices members voted to oppose Amendment 3. Read our position here. Read the summary of our October 8 program The Dirty Details: Defeating Amendment 3 here.
St. Louis City Ballot Measure Recommendations
Women’s Voices members voted to recommend approval of two measures on the St. Louis City November 3 ballot:

  • Proposition R increases the tax rate for the Community Children’s Services Fund from the current 19 cents per $100 of assessed value to 25 cents, which is the maximum authorized by state statute. This would provide additional funding to the Community Children’s Services Fund, in particular for early childhood services to children 5 years of age and under.

  • Proposition D is a City Ordinance that establishes an open, non-partisan system for the elections to the offices of Mayor, Comptroller, President of the Board of Aldermen, and Aldermen. It enables voters to choose all the candidates they wish in the open, non-partisan primary, and allows the top two candidates to then compete in a runoff election.

Judges’ Performance Reviews Available
The Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee has provided Missouri voters with their performance findings for 52 nonpartisan judges who will be up for retention in the November 3 election. The committee found all 52 judges substantially meet overall judicial performance standards. The complete performance review information of each judge is available here.
Good News When We Need It Most
When Voices Are Raised: The St. Louis County Council delayed a vote on controversial bills curbing County Executive Sam Page’s and the health department’s authority to issue emergency orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was not enough time at the October 13 meeting to hear 2,230 comments sent to the council. The council plans to hear all 2,230 comments before voting on these measures, which is expected to take up to four days.

Banning Holocaust Denial: October 12 Facebook statement: “Today we are updating our hate speech policy to prohibit any content that denies or distorts the Holocaust. Organizations that study trends in hate speech are reporting increases in online attacks against many groups worldwide, and we continue our efforts to remove it. We have banned more than 250 white supremacist organizations and updated our policies to address militia groups and QAnon.”
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