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October 13, 2014


The Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative (MRECo) of New England, Inc. continues to work to develop test infrastructure, help startups commercialize technology and share information with all stakeholders.  In that light, we wanted to share with all of you the outstanding series of conferences coming in the Fall.

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Nov. 4-6  ICOE 2014 Register to Attend!


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Don't Miss the US Marine Hydrokinetic Pavilion @ ICOE


A delegation of US companies and organizations will be representing the US at the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE)to be held November 4-6 in Halifax Nova Scotia.  


The US Marine Hydrokinetic Exhibit Pavilion has been organized by the Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative and the Oregon Wave Trust and will include exhibitors from: Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII), Maine International Consulting LLC, Blue Water Dynamos, HDR, Resolute Marine, Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative of New England, Inc. (MRECo), Cianbro, Ocean Renewable Power Company, SgurrEnergy, Maine Marine Composites, Maine Composites Alliance, SGC Engineering, LLC, a part of LR Senergy, Pacific Energy Ventures, M3 Wave LLC, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC), Columbia Power Technologies, Inc.


 Contact: Paul Williamson, Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative; 207-242-3521;;  



Oceans 14 

 Ocean Energy Track Makes a Splash


Last month, 26 technical presentations devoted to Ocean Energy topics were highlighted at the leading annual ocean science and technology forum, Oceans 2014 in St. Johns' Newfoundland. These sessions were well attended and included presentations by engineers and scientists from research institutes and companies from around the globe.  


There were several talks looking at obtaining low, continuous power from biological process in the sediment (microbial fuel cells) for in situ sensors. Designing robust structures for tidal and wave device testing is an important topic since there are several sites in Europe, Canada and the US that are in the process of establishing sites for companies and researchers to test their devices in the actual marine environment. Every test site has a different set of parameters that must be considered. Other presentations addressed how arrays of different types of tidal turbines affect one another and how they can be positioned to maximize power output. Research results about the ecological and acoustical impacts of marine pile driving around renewable energy installations were also reported.


MTS is an excellent venue for ocean energy topics to be discussed because the community encompasses professionals versed in virtually all the science, engineering and policy aspects of doing work in the demanding marine environment. Future Oceans programs will definitely issue Calls for Abstracts about ocean energy topics, in fact Oceans 2015 to be held in Genova, Italy May 18-21 is focusing on Discovering Sustainable Ocean Energy for a New World. Please refere to this web site to submit an abstract: 


Contact: MTS Marine Renewable Energy Committee Co-Chairs; Maggie Merrill, Marine Marketing Services and Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative,;  Clifford Merz; University of South Florida,   Kenneth Baldwin, University of New Hampshire Center for Ocean Renewable Energy, 



Sept. 24-25, 2014 OWET Conference  Portland, OR


   Wave Energy Device Test Site Featured at Recent Ocean Energy in Oregon

The 2014 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference sponsored by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) and the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) was held September September 24th and 25th in Portland, Oregon.  On Wednesday sessions addressed marine renewable projects regionally and included two Northeastern Developers, ORPC and Resolute Marine Energy.  The efforts by developers on both coasts to advance the industry were laudable, but progress remains slow.  Thursday the focus was on projects in the Northwest with the NNMREC ocean wave test site moving forward, and product demonstrations in Alaska, Oregon and Washington.  On the policy front, Oregon has moved wave energy to full equality with other renewables with approval of net metering.  OWET continues to be a focal point between industry and academia in advancing marine renewables.

Contact: John R. Miller, Executive Director; Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative of New England, Inc. (MRECo); 508.728.5825; 




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