Laila just turned 11. Like many eleven-year-olds, she enjoys shopping at the mall and playing on her smart phone. But in January 2016, her parents, Rachelle and Marcus, were left wondering if Laila would be able to have a future that looks like it does today – that’s when they learned Laila had liver disease and needed a transplant.

In May of this year, an organ donor’s liver saved two children, each child receiving one lobe. Both of those children and their families are now staying at the Ronald McDonald House – and one of those children is Laila. Rachelle, Laila’s mother, credits the House for providing a “nice, caring and comfortable stay” that “felt like our home away from home.”

Residing in Louisville, commuting to Indianapolis two or three days a week would be burdensome, not just carrying a financial toll, but a physical one as well. Those multiple, long car rides would have had a negative impact on Laila’s comfort and ability to recover properly.

Despite the challenges of helping their child recover from such a significant procedure, it’s gratitude that Rachelle feels the most. “We absolutely appreciate the staff and for sure the volunteers who make this all possible. We cannot forget the volunteers who come in and cater food to the families as well. We truly appreciate everyone and everything here at RMHC and its volunteers.”