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Keeping In Touch, Volume 13

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Good Morning Tutors!

The message with this edition of Keeping in Touch is to celebrate the early beginnings of summer – warmer days, sunshine, food, vacation, and Father’s Day. There is a wide range of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities for you to use now and in the future with your student. Have fun sharing this and working together with the various materials. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help with tutoring strategies during this time. Be well, and take care. 

With gratitude and hope, 

Carol Garcia
Tutor Support Specialist
Light a Spark Through Literacy
Easy Reading - Father's Day:

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. People in North America honor their fathers on this day with cards and gifts. This holiday was started by a woman named Sonora Dodd. She got the idea on Mother's Day in 1909. Sonora was in church listening to the minister talk about mothers. She thought of her father, William Smart. William had fought in the U.S. Civil War. Later, he was a farmer in Washington State. William's wife died when their sixth child was born. He raised the six children by himself.

Sonora thought of everything her father had done for his family. She thought there should be a day to honor all fathers. So she started one. The first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. It happened in Spokane, Washington, where Sonora Dodd lived. She chose June because it was the month of her father's birthday. Father's Day soon became popular, but it was not made an official holiday until 1966.

Some people wear roses for Father's Day -- red roses if their father is living, white roses if he has died.

Like Mother's Day, Father's Day has become a time when some companies make a lot of money selling cards and gifts. A popular cliche is that everyone gets their father a tie for Father's Day.
Reprinted with permission: Each Week for a Year: Readings for ESL Students on Everyday Life in the USA by Jane Wangersky
One-time $500 cash assistance for undocumented Latinos who live in DuPage County:

Amanda Villanueva, Outreach Assistant, with the Farmworker & Landscaper Advocacy Project -FLAP- (Proyecto de Ayuda Para Trabajadores del Campo y Jardineros), asked LDP to share information with our students about FLAP’s one-time $500 cash transfer for undocumented Latino individuals who live in DuPage County.

Eligibility is:
The worker is undocumented and works in one of the following jobs: restaurants, landscaping, snow plowing, packinghouse, cannery, farms, nursery, greenhouse or meat and poultry. 

Those who are paid in cash can submit a recent picture with their uniform on working.

Funds are very limited; this is a first come first serve and we have to distribute the money ASAP. It is important that you and your clients follow us on social media for updates on funding availability:

For more information on how to contact FLAP about the one-time cash assistance application process and/or to make a direct referral click here for details.  

For more information about FLAPS’s 21-year history of work in the Chicagoland area, click here

Post-Testing Students
  • We have finalized our process for post-testing students, and staff will be reaching out to students directly about scheduling a test. We are offering students the opportunity to meet in a park while observing social distancing practices, or meet with a staff person via ZOOM or What’sApp. Your student will be asked to sign a release of liability waiver if they want to meet in-person in the park with the staff. 

In-Person Tutoring
  • You will receive more information soon about the go-ahead to begin meeting in-person with your student again. Watch for the details.  
Online Activity Links:

These are online activities about summer. You may be able to use with your student:  

Reading Summer

Reading Father's Day

Father's Day Conversation
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