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Keeping In Touch, Volume 17

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Good Morning Tutors!

We hope you have been able to stay connected with your student – actively tutoring or with an occasional text or phone call. More than ever, our students need to continue their learning and be able to understand and communicate effectively using English in their everyday lives. 

As August begins, our thoughts turn to children returning to school soon. Regardless of the school district and the instructional modes offered, parents need to understand the school system and expectations. This issue of Keeping in Touch focuses on school topics.  

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help with tutoring strategies during this time. Be well and take care. 

With gratitude and hope, 

Carol Garcia
Tutor Support Specialist
Light a Spark Through Literacy
Community Engagement Curriculum:

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation funded t his curriculum . Each topical lesson is stand-alone and can be followed in or out of sequence. Each lesson is approximately 90 minutes in duration.

The lessons each unit includes a topic, materials needed, learning objective, vocabulary, tutor instructions, and student handouts.

Missing a Keeping In Touch Newsletter?

Did you know we archive every newsletter, including Tutor Newsletters (beginning with the July 2018 edition), The Spark, and now, Keeping In Touch, on the Literacy DuPage website? The archived newsletters contain all the links and activity sheets that are found in newsletters.

You can find this archive by going to the Literacy DuPage website, under the drop-down ABOUT, and click Newsletter Archive. Here is the direct link https://literacydupage.org/about/archive/ .
Peer Tutor Mentor Meetings and In-service Workshops:

Peer Tutor Mentor Meetings and In-Service Workshops are returning virtually in August using the Zoom platform!

For further details, click here .
Activity Links:

These are individual activities about school. You may be able to use one or more with your student:  





Online Activity Links:

These are online activities with integrated skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). You may be able to use one or more with your student:  

Elementary School in the US

Middle School in the US

High School in the US


Parent-Teacher Conferences
LDP Staff Directory, Quick Reference:

  • Carol Garcia, 630.384.9678 | cgarcia@literacydupage.org 
  • Questions regarding one-on-one, small group or conversation group tutoring: curriculum, materials, tutor support 
  • Laura Wickramasinghe, 630.942.5211 | lwickramasinghe@literacydupage.org 
  • Questions regarding learner matches and communication issues with learner
  • Questions regarding classroom-based tutoring
  • Diana Mendoza, 331.472.7160 | dmendoza@literacydupage.org
  • Questions regarding learner matches and communication issues with learner
  • Diana Heppner, 630.942.5215 | dheppner@literacydupage.org 
  • Questions regarding reporting

For all other questions or concerns, please call us at 630.942.5210 or email us at  info@literacydupage.org .
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