April 3, 2020
Keeping Our Community Connections...
Some of you may have direct memory of this, and some may have heard, but when the Cinema Arts Centre was founded in 1973, we were called the New Community Cinema. While we have been using the name Cinema Arts Centre for many years, community has always been the heart of the Cinema. That means that you are the heart of the Cinema. Our mission is about utilizing the power of film to not only enhance community, but to create community. Together, we are community builders.

Until now, we have built community by bringing people out of their homes and into a common physical space, where we have experiences together. By presenting public programs that engage people in the theater, in our Sky Room, or in our gallery space, we have combated loneliness, separation, and social isolation. This has always been important to us. But how do we continue to battle social isolation at a time when social distancing is so vital to our public health?

Our mission of togetherness, while under unprecedented challenges during this emergency, is more important than ever. All of us at the Cinema Arts Centre are working hard to make sure we continue to serve you in a meaningful way, now during this critical time, and in the future.

We may be separated from one another in our homes or six feet apart in our solo grocery runs, but we are still a community, and our Cinema community is strong. Thank you for being part of all that we do, and for continuing to be so engaged in our changing world.

These are some of the ways we have adapted, and how you can help to ensure we keep our community connections strong.
Presenting Programs in the Virtual Setting...
The Cinema Arts Centre continues to curate and create film programs. Keep up with new streaming releases and virtual events by checking our Online Event Calendar. We will be presenting both paid programs (that support our independent community cinema) and free programs. We are working on a free online version of our Making Memories program that serves people living with dementia and their care partners. We are also launching a very fun free family program on April 9, Forks and Films. Forks and Films features two CAC Board Members, Jacqueline Strayer and Martin Butera of Butera's Restaurants. Click here for more information.
Staying Connected on Social Media...
We have a lot of ways to stay connected online, including our Cinema Arts Centre Members and Friends discussion group, where you can join the conversation, or lead the conversation.

Click here to see all our social media channels.

We love to talk to you on social media, so thanks for everything you add to our online forums.
Preserving What We Love...
Like many of us, the Cinema Arts Centre has had to make hard choices. This has included furloughing some staff and drastically reducing our expenses. We have done so to help ensure that we will be able to re-open as seamlessly as possible when it is safe to do so, re-hire staff, continue to serve as an important local employer, and continue to present meaningful programs in our space, a space that is a home-away-from-home for so many.
We are working hard to ensure that we protect the organization that we love. We are also working to help preserve the many small businesses that make up the character of our area. We know that in the future, our existence helps create vital spending in local businesses. But we also know that many of the restaurants that are a part of our Cinema community are open right now and need safe-delivery and safe-pick-up patronage to continue in order to ensure their survival. That's why we have been giving free promotion to our Cinema Star Restaurants during this time. Additionally, when it is safe for all businesses to re-open, we will offer free promotion for the many local businesses that have been part of our Cinema family. We don't know what our communities are going to look like in the weeks and months to come. But we can make every effort to take care of the things that we want to be part of our future, like small business, the arts, and each other. We are all in this together.
If you can, please support our efforts...
These are uncertain times for all of us. Of first and foremost importance is your health and well-being and the health and well-being of your families and loved ones. But if you are able, there are many ways to help ensure our ability to be here now, and to be here for our future.

Membership: Our Spring Membership Sale is vital to our fiscal health. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining during our sale. If your membership is up for renewal, please renew or upgrade now, if you are able. Find all the details by clicking here.
Fully Tax-Deductible Contributions: Your fully tax-deductible contribution is so appreciated. Now more than ever, gifts of any amount have such a powerful impact.

Cinema Gift Cards: Click here to purchase either physical or electronic gift cards that can be used for programs, membership, or in our cafe once we re-open. Buy a gift card for yourself, or for the film-lover in your life.

Share this message: Share this message on social media or with your email contacts. Invite people into our community. Invite people to become members during our sale. Or just let people know that you care about the Cinema Arts Centre. These are all powerful ways you can support and strengthen our Cinema community.

Tell us why the Cinema Arts Centre in important to you: Write to us and tell us what the Cinema means to you. With your permission, we can share these messages with our staff, volunteers, and our constituents as a source of encouragement to us all during this time.

If you have trouble making any transactions online, please click here, and schedule a personal phone call so we can help you over the phone.
Thank you!
...and we can't wait to see you again.
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