April 2019
HR & Safety News, Insights, and Updates  

Keeping a Remote Workforce Connected 

How can you improve your company's employment experience when your employees are not located in a shared centralized environment? Whether your workers are out on construction sites, dispatched on a daily schedule of customer visits, working from home, or staffing client locations, the challenge is the same: how to create a unified and satisfying workplace community, identify, and culture. Click to read a great idea.

No Match Letters from SSA are Back!

For the first time in seven years, employers are receiving Social Security number (SSN) no-match letters from the Social Security Administration when it has discovered that the W-2 records submitted by the employer don't match the administration's records on employee names and SSNs. Read the SSA Notice. This is a warning to employers to carefully check the employee's information. The problem could be as innocent as a typo or as serious as a stolen identity.  Read more about recommended responses before doing anything.
$15 Florida Minimum Wage Makes 2020 Ballot

A citizen's initiative that wants to amend the Florida Constitution to raise the minimum wage in Florida to $15 an hour clears its first hurdle in the process to be placed on the 2020 ballot for voters to decide. The initiative is being led by a group called Florida For A Fair Wage, which is backed by Orlando Attorney  John Morgan  who the led the drive to adopt the state's medical marijuana amendment in 2016.   Read More
No Workers' Comp Benefits for Fall while working "at home"

On April 5, 2019, the Florida State Appeals court (1st District)  ruled that a w oman that tripped over her dog while working at home was not entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits for the injuries she suffered.   The decision overturned a ruling by a judge of compensation claims, who said telecommuter Tammitha Valcourt-Williams was entitled to benefits after she tripped over her dog while reaching for a coffee cup in her kitchen. Because the risk of harm (tripping over the dog) existed whether she was working or not, the "risk" did not arise out of employment.  Therefore, no benefits.  Read the decision.

Unemployment Benefits for Victims of Domestic Violence?

In 41 states around the country, survivors of domestic violence qualify for unemployment benefits. But in Florida there is no such compensation.   That could change soon under a bill being considered by the Florida Legislature that would provide a financial safety net to victims in need  to and prepare for these challenges.  Read More
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