Volume 11 | February 2019
Watering Schedule Change

Sacramento residents can start watering 2 days per week from March 1st! Visit SacWaterWise.com to learn about watering days, exemptions, rebates and more! 💧🌱
It’s raining and Sacramento is expected to receive more rain in the coming weeks! You can keep your sprinklers off and enjoy the free water. We know your plants will!  🌧️🌱


  • No watering 48 hours after measurable rain

  • Do not use water to wash sidewalks, driveways, gutters or patios

  • Do not allow water to run off from properties

  • Fountains and water features must recirculate the water
Drinking Water Quality Data Portal
Water Quality - City of Sacramento

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Department of Utilities (DOU) has launched the new Drinking Water Quality Data Portal that provides ongoing information to the public and other interested parties about our drinking water. Please visit  www.sacramentowaterquality.com  to learn more.

Your Partner Report

See the report to see where your drinking water comes from and how it reaches your tap.
Also, check out water saving tips for changing seasons.
Water Saving Tips

Low flow shower heads can be a great way to save money on your monthly bill. Many shower heads can save you money without compromising.  EPA WaterSense  has a list of great options for you to choose from.
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