Volume 08 | October 2018
Select either Saturday or Sunday for your watering day. No weekday watering is permitted through February 2019.

Remember to water with the weather! Be sure to turn off all irrigation after measurable rainfall of 0.125 inches (1/8˝).

Overwatering, ponding water 
and runoff (water running from yards onto sidewalks and gutters) is NEVER allowed.
City of Sacramento has partnered with SMUD to help you save water and money
Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller | 8 Zone

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Take control of your watering with a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. With the modern irrigation technology of Rachio, you can water with precision using customized, automated schedules that adapt to the...

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City of Sacramento Water customers are eligible for $150 instant rebate on Smart Irrigation Controller Systems from S MUD Energy Store. Customers are also eligible to receive an additional post-purchase rebate up to $250 to cover the purchase price (excluding shipping) and installation labor costs (maximum $150).
City of Sacramento is hosting its final Tree Care Workshop for the year on November 3rd!

Learn how to water trees, use rain barrels, and prune young shade trees for strong and attractive structure. This workshop includes an indoor classroom portion followed by outdoor field training practicing pruning in small groups on young trees. 

Limited space available!
At Samuel and Bonnie Pannell Meadowview Community Center
Flood Preparedness Funfair

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