Dear friend,

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa is pleased to share this latest Report from the Field featuring The Ottawa Jewish Community School to explain how your gift to the Emergency Campaign for Community Resilience is helping our children stay safe and thrive.
“The Ottawa Jewish Community School is deeply appreciative of all the donors and supporters in our Jewish community who contributed to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa's Emergency Campaign. Thanks to the generosity of so many, our school has been able to secure critical equipment (including additional technology and specialized seating that COVID prevents from being shared), PPE, a dedicated housekeeping staffer to help with ongoing cleaning of classrooms and playground equipment, and added staff (featuring a dedicated recess facilitator). Thanks to this ability, OJCS was able to safely and successfully reopen in August with in-person learning to all families who wanted it and at-home learning to all families who wanted or needed to have their children learn from home. This flexibility led to increased enrollment as the year began, and made it easier for the school to pivot back to fully distanced learning during January's lockdown.

We are so excited to be back in school and to all the safe and amazing experiences we have in store for the second half of the year! Thanks to the community's support we are looking forward to an incredible rest of 2020-2021 and are excited to see how many students have already enrolled for the next school year in our first few weeks of open enrollment! Knowing how much Federation and the community supports Jewish education in Ottawa - even in these extraordinary times - helps new families find their way onto the Jewish Superhighway and keeps current families confidently moving forward on their journeys."

Dr. Jon Mitzmacher,
Head of School
As you can see, your generosity has helped so many people, young and adult. Thank you for making a difference and for protecting our community.

We remain deeply grateful.
Warm regards,

Micah Garten
Director of Development
Jewish Federation of Ottawa