As adults, we are struggling. Our lives have been thrown into a tailspin. We are, in many cases serving as both parents and teacher’s assistants. We are also fielding the questions, emotions and frustrations of our children. 

So the news from Governor Newsom that students will not return to their classrooms this school year came as quite a blow. We want our children to have their fun time with friends, their classroom experiences, their sports tournaments and their graduations. 

It would be a great time for a magic wand. For all of us this is a lesson in accepting a reality we can’t change, and doing what is best for the health of our families and community.

My own three children — one in elementary, one in middle school and one in high school — are all trying to understand this. I can’t tell them their feelings are unreasonable, because truthfully, they are not. What my husband and I are trying to do is to model resilience and find creative ways to ensure that the experiences they are missing will be recaptured virtually for the time being.

It’s easy to focus on what’s lost, but in truth our kids are already modeling creativity and resilience in ways we would never have expected. We will get through this and we can all look forward to better days ahead.

All my best,
Allyson Damikolas