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Staff Spotlight: The Town's IT Department.
Meet Chris Lee, Danny Abraham, and Matthew Taylor

There's no doubt that the world we live in today is technology-driven. We use it daily to store data, communicate, broaden our horizons, etc, etc. Because of our tech reliance, it's important that we keep smart people around who know just how it works.

At the Town of Cornelius, those smart people are Chris, Danny, and Matt. They're the trio that make up the Town's Information Technology (IT) Department. IT is in charge of managing the Town's technology, whether that be handling software troubles, setting up a Livestream, repairing malfunctioning equipment, and so much more.
Chris is originally from Hickory, NC. Prior to working for the Town, he lived in Garner, a suburb of Raleigh, and worked for the North Carolina General Assembly as a Network Team Supervisor.

Outside of work, Chris isn't partial to spending his time with technology. He'd rather be watching sports, working on cars, or hanging out with his wife of 11 years, Jennifer, and their two adorable kids, Meredith and Connor.

Public safety is a top priority for residents and Town staff alike. For Chris, the most rewarding part of his job is being able to help CPD and Cornelius-Lemley Fire Rescue with their technology needs. With the help of IT, our first responders are able to better communicate with one another and have the tools needed to effectively manage emergencies.
Danny Abraham is the Town's IT Technician and has been with the Town since 2018. His primary roles involve maintaining, deploying, and upgrading all aspects of the Town's surveillance system, like license plate readers and traffic cameras. He also provides critical assistance to CPD, helping to pull and archive footage that is needed for their cases.

Danny is a native Charlottean, though he spent some of his life living in Pittsburgh, PA and Cary, NC. Outside of work, you can find him playing video games, taking care of his fish, or tending to his garden. He even has a knack for building and painting plastic models.

Danny said that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing all of the avenues for growth. He's interested in how IT can expand and further integrate with other Town functions.

Although growth can be challenging, Danny is ready to take on the task of adapting our systems to the Town's evolving needs.
Matt Taylor has been with the Town for six years. He first started under a temporary contract, then in 2018 was brought onto the team full-time as an IT Technician. He's now the Town's Senior IT Specialist and handles a wide range of requests. His daily duties can be anything from changing a monitor's resolution to offering support for CPD's 911 call center.

Originally from Salisbury, NC, Matt moved to Kannapolis in 2016. He and his wife, Heather, are planning on continuing the adventure with another move soon.

Matt is an avid tech fan, through and through. When he's not gaming on PCs and consoles, he's finding new ways to integrate technology in his day-to-day life, like setting up interactive motion sensors and lights in his home.

Matt's favorite part of working in IT is being able to streamline processes for others. He's at his happiest when he can find a way to turn 10 steps into two.
The nature of IT is demanding and constantly changing, making us especially grateful to these three for staying up to date and always being ready to support Town staff, as we support the people of Cornelius.

While most of their work is behind the scenes, we wouldn't be able to run the Town without them, their knowledge, and their expertise!
Westmoreland Crosswalk: Keeping Our Residents Safe
Meet the latest and greatest in crosswalk technology: the Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon (RRFB).

The RRFB is a solar-powered device that notifies drivers of pedestrians and cyclists at a crosswalk. Four RRFBs are one of the options the Town is exploring with the addition of a new crosswalk on Westmoreland Rd., a project that is currently in the design stage.

This project would also include a refuge for pedestrians and cyclists should they need to pause while crossing the road. The crosswalk will be the safest place to cross Westmoreland, an alert for motorists to yield to other forms of traffic, and a connecting point between Phase I and Phase II of the McDowell Creek Greenway.

Want to see RRFBs in action? They are currently in place along Caldwell Station Creek Greenway at Bailey Rd. For more information on how to interact with RRFBs, check out this guide from Florida Department of Transportation.
August Coffee Chat
Believe it or not, it's almost time to send the kids back to school!

But this year is different for local students and parents, with new concerns about keeping our schools safe amidst a global pandemic.

If you're curious about what Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is doing to keep your children safe, join our next Connecting Cornelius Coffee Chat on Monday, August 2 at 8:30 a.m.

We'll be joined by representatives of CMS to share their plans and answer your questions.

The agenda will also include a Town update with the latest on our Parks and Recreation Department and - because we understand your concerns about traffic - another brief update on upcoming Town and NCDOT road projects.

At the July Evening Edition, we shared the latest development projects and an update on Town/NCDOT road projects. If you missed the presentation or want a refresher, you can watch the replay on the Town's YouTube channel.

RSVP for the August Coffee Chat here. We hope you'll join us!
Pack the Patrol Car
Speaking of back-to-school...

Beginning Monday, July 26, Cornelius Police Department will be accepting donations of school supplies for the annual Pack the Patrol Car! All donations can be brought to the Cornelius Police Department and left in the donations box located in the breezeway of the lobby.
Recommended supplies include paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, highlighters, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, binders, folders, hand sanitizer, tissues, backpacks, and lunch bags.

We ask that you please drop donations off Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ⁠Donations will be accepted through August 16.

Don't hesitate to call CPD with any questions. They may be reached at 704-892-1363. Ask to speak with the Support Services Division.
How're We Doing?

Last month, you met Dani and MaeLynn. They're the Town's two-person Communications team tasked with creating this newsletter, managing the Town's social media outlets, and coordinating Connecting Cornelius events, among other things.

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