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Staff Spotlight: Dani Flynn & MaeLynn Joyner
Meet the Town's Communications Team

If you're reading this newsletter, keeping up with Cornelius is likely important to you. Perhaps checking is part of your daily routine, or maybe you happen upon new information while scrolling through your social-media-of-choice.

No matter how you choose to stay informed and connected, one thing is for sure; when you see @TownofCornelius, it's likely the handiwork of Dani Flynn and MaeLynn Joyner - the Town's two-person Communications Team.

Keeping the public informed and engaged is a top priority for Mayor Woody Washam, so in 2018, the Town hired its first Communications Manager with the goal of keeping you in the know. And in 2020, a Communications Assistant was added to help better address the needs of our growing Town.
Meet MaeLynn

MaeLynn was born and raised in Asheville, NC, and moved to Charlotte in 2017 to attend school at UNC Charlotte. She graduated in May of this year with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

She began her studies with the goal in mind of wanting to help others in whatever capacity possible. In 2020, she found a role that fit this goal: Communications Assistant with the Town of Cornelius.

MaeLynn loves the hands-on nature of the job. In her role, she's able to make decisions about what information needs to be shared, the best ways to share it, and is able to help answer questions that residents may have.

Her favorite part of the job? Writing this newsletter. She enjoys keeping residents in the know and is dedicated to not breaking the third-person. The newsletters are also a great way for her to get to know residents through interviews, learn about the history of the Town, and to present relevant information on week-to-week goings-on.

When MaeLynn is not working, she enjoys volunteering with animals and staying active in the great outdoors. She's also looking forward to a long and fruitful career in Public Administration.
We Want to Hear from You!

For both Dani and MaeLynn, it's important that residents are engaged and informed. They're grateful to everyone who follows the Town on social media and 'likes' and the content they publish. Residents are welcome to comment as well, we just ask that you keep in mind the Town's recently adopted Social Media Use Policy.

Not following us yet? Look for us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Nextdoor, all with the handle @TownofCornelius.

To help Dani and MaeLynn continue improving the Town's communication efforts, we invite you to fill out this brief survey to leave feedback on the newsletter and our social media content.
The Results Are In...
...and the Budget is approved! On Monday, June 21, the Town Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed budget for FY22.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us. It is a relief to know that we have so many residents who care about how the Town uses its funds. With the help of your input, we have created a budget that not only recognizes some of your top priorities but also addresses the Town’s critical needs. 

The budget is available in its entirety here.
Success In The Park
Thank you to everyone who joined us for Symphony In The Park on June 19! We hope you all enjoyed the incredible performances by Sofia Swade, Rockie Lynne, and Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

This Symphony In The Park was a record-breaker, with an estimated 9,500 people in attendance! That's our largest event to date, and we couldn't have done it without you.
Another person we couldn't have done it without:
Jody Clark.

Symphony In The Park was her last event as the Town's Special Events Program Manager. We cannot thank her enough for her commitment to making each and every event a success.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jody for the February Staff Spotlight, you can read all about her and her favorite events here.

Thank you, Jody, for 14 incredible years with the Town!
Update: Waste Pro Recycling
Due to miscommunication from Waste Pro, there has been some confusion regarding when recycling collection will occur.

Residents may refer to this map, available here as a PDF, to determine their collection week.

Based on your feedback, we have updated the background colors to make the map clearer.
Connecting Cornelius: Evening Edition

Want to keep your finger on the pulse? Join our next Connecting Cornelius: Evening Edition to hear more on future developments coming to Town.