February 2024

Keeping Up With Fraud Trends

What types of fraud are banks seeing lately and how can they respond? Bank Director’s Kiah Lau Haslett sits down with Alloy CEO Tommy Nicholas to talk about why fraud is so difficult for banks to prevent and detect. 


A Closer Look at the Use of Machine Learning in Credit

Kelly Thompson Cochran, deputy director at the Washington-based nonprofit research group FinRegLab, joins Bank Director’s Banking & Fintech Editor Kiah Lau Haslett to talk about recent research into the transparency, fairness and accuracy of different credit models that use machine learning.


Why Two Cores Can Be Better Than One

A few banks are using sidecar cores to experiment with alternatives and improve their capabilities.


2024 Brings New Cyber-Related Legal Obligations for Banks and Fintech Firms

New rules require better cyber-incident responses, faster reports, and enhanced cybersecurity policies and testing.


Experimenting With Fintech Venture Funds

Carey Ransom, managing director of BankTech Ventures, joins Bank Director’s Kiah Lau Haslett, to talk about the progress of the $115 million venture capital fund’s investments and how fintech valuations have changed since the fund opened.


The Deal on Fintechs provides a monthly snapshot of movement within the financial industry. Below is a list of last month's fintech and bank acquisitions and IPOs linked to source material for more information.




May 14-15, 2024 | Tampa, FL

Experience FinXTech

The ideal FI-fintech relationship is highly complementary, incredibly powerful and results in lucrative benefits for both sides. To help develop these strategic connections, FinXTech hosts Experience FinXTech, the industry’s leading financial technology event. During this annual event, financial institutions and fintechs connect with like-minded industry leaders, explore cutting-edge financial technologies, and learn how to navigate the nuances of the partnership process