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Installation Ceremony
On December 3, I had the honor of being sworn in to the Howard County Council, representing District 3.

I am joined by County Councilmembers Liz Walsh (District 1), Opel Jones (District 2), Deb Jung (District 4), and David Yungmann (District 5).

I look forward to working with my fellow County Councilmembers and our new County Executive, Dr. Calvin Ball!
Council Updates
Following the Installation Ceremony, the County Council held its first legislative session on December 4th to determine Council leadership positions and appointments. I'm honored to serve as the Chair of the County Council, with Councilmember Opel Jones serving as Vice-Chair! The full list of leadership positions and appointments are listed below.

Yesterday, the County Council held its first Monthly Meeting, where we discussed the Hazard Mitigation Plan with the Office of Emergency Management and received a progress update on Historic Ellicott City from the Department of Public Works.

Council Chairperson
Christiana Mercer Rigby

Council Vice-Chair
Opel Jones

Zoning Board Chairperson
Liz Walsh

Zoning Board Vice-Chair
Deb Jung
Liquor Board Chairperson
Deb Jung

Liquor Board Vice-Chair
David Yungmann

MACo Committee Rep.
Deb Jung

NACo Committee Rep.
Deb Jung

Meet the Team!
Christiana Mercer Rigby
Councilwoman, District 3
Colette Gelwicks
Special Assistant
Felix Facchine
District Aide
Upcoming Community Events
If there are any community events that you would like us to include in upcoming newsletters, please email with the event information.
Upcoming Council Dates
January 7, 7pm, Legislative Meeting

January 14, 10am, Monthly Meeting

January 22, 7pm, Public Hearing

January 28, 10am, Work Session

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Lastly, if you are experiencing any issues in your community or would just like to get in touch with us, please reach out! My office is here to help with your concerns and listen to your feedback. Together, we can create opportunity for all residents of District 3.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!

Yours in service,
Christiana Mercer Rigby
Councilwoman, District 3

December 2018