March 28th   Weekly e-Newsletter for the Village of Harper's Choice.
Your vote is important in determining who will make critical decisions for Harper's Choice and Columbia in the coming year. We need a quorum of 10 percent of Harper's Choice households (approximately 330 votes) to have a valid election. There are three Board of Director vacancies; the terms of office are two years for all vacancies. The candidates for the Harper's Choice Village Board are Ralph M. Paez, Lauren Ellse Avant, Brynn Runkle Conover, and Joel B. Hurewitz.

WHO MAY VOTE: Owners or renters in good standing with property in Harper's Choice may vote. Residents with an outstanding covenant violation are prohibited from voting. Check with the Covenant Advisor to make sure your property is in compliance with the Harper's Choice Covenants.
* Only one vote is permitted for each property.
* In the case of a rental property, both the owner and the tenant may cast a ballot.
* If you are voting at Kahler Hall on April 27, 2019, please bring your driver's license, BG&E bill, or something      else to verify your Harper's Choice address.

* Vote at KAHLER HALL between 9:00AM and 3:00PM on April 27, 2019.

Mail-In ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Mail-in absentee ballots will be mailed in the latest issue of the Harper's Choice Voice Newsletter in the first week of April. Please refer to the following guidelines for voting by mail-in absentee ballot:
* Valid only if completely filled out, including all information on the envelope.
* Due by 5:00 p.m. on April 26, 2019.

ELECTRONIC ABSENTEE BALLOTS: For the first time, we are offering the convenience of electronic absentee ballot voting. See your copy of the Harper's Choice Voice Newsletter for instructions on voting electronically.
Harper's Choice Community Association Election Festival

Searching for Spring 2019

The Annual Searching For Spring Egg Hunt, co-sponsored by the Villages of Columbia, will be held on Saturday, April 6 from 10-11:30am at the  Columbia Sports Park in the Harper's Choice Village Center, located at 5453 Harper's Farm Road. No admittance permitted after 10:45am.
This event is especially planned for children ages 2-8. Tickets are required for this FREE event. They are available at  Kahler Hall and all village community centers while supplies last. Tickets are for Columbia lien-paying residents only.

Columbia-Wide Clean-Up Day

CA announces Columbia-Wide Clean-Up Day, March 30
Volunteers needed to help clean up Open Space
Local residents needed to help restore and protect Columbia's waterways. Participate in a Columbia-Wide Clean Up Day, Saturday, March 26, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Harper's Choice volunteers will meet at the Swansfield Pool parking lot; (5659 Cedar Lane) and will clean along the pathway from the pool to Harper's Farm Road, behind Green Dory Lane, Woodenhawk Circle and Grand Banks Road.
Individuals, groups, scouts and those wishing to earn community service hours are encouraged to sign up. Contact your village office at 410-730-0770. This event is hosted by the Columbia Association and the Villages of Columbia.
A Pretty and Polished Affair

Know someone who is in need of a FREE prom dress? Becca's Closet at Atholton High has over 700 prom dresses in need of a good home! "A Pretty and Polished Affair" will be held on March 30 at 9 a.m. This FREE event provides a full boutique experience for each young lady, regardless of their financial situation, including a personal shopper to help them with their dress and accessories, basic alterations, hair and makeup tips and the opportunity to win raffled prizes. Contact with questions.

Spanish Speaking Families Living with Autism

Covenant Corner

It's been a tough winter on all of our trees! Recent wind and ice storms have caused broken branches and cracked trunks. Residents are looking at their trees, and their neighbors trees, with great concern. Our offices have been getting a lot of calls and inquiries about trees. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.
Do I need permission to remove a tree?
Yes, the Harper's Choice Village Covenants require the written approval from the Columbia Association before removing a tree with a trunk diameter greater than six inches, even dead trees. We have made the process quite simple - residents apply to the Village Architectural Committee, and we coordinate with CA behind the scenes to get their approval. Click here to access the form used to request approval to remove trees. Please note that any tree with a diameter of less than 6" (measured two feet off the ground) does not require approval. Pruning also does not require approval. 
If my neighbor's tree falls on my property, who is responsible for clean-up and repairing damages?
It is the responsibility of the homeowner on whose property the tree lands, not on whose property the tree stands. Generally, in Maryland, the cost of removing the tree and repairing any property damage falls to the owner of the property that sustained the damage.
My neighbor's tree is overhanging my property. Can I trim the branches? 
Yes, you have the right to trim neighboring trees or bushes that overhang your property line, or remove roots growing into your property boundary, so long as the bush or tree is not harmed. We suggest speaking with your neighbor before completing the work.
What should I do if I am concerned that a neighbor's tree will fall on my property? 
Tree issues are most effectively dealt with between neighbors. A prudent step is to send the neighbor a certified letter (along with a copy via regular mail) informing them of your concerns. While this might be the step that encourages your neighbor to have the tree assessed for possible removal, it also puts your neighbor on notice that you have prior concerns about the safety of the tree. If a problem occurs, your insurance company may be able to use that information while settling a possible claim. 
Can the Harper's Choice Covenant Advisor assess the condition of a tree? 
No, only a certified arborist can determine the health of a tree. However, in some instances, and depending on the season, the Covenant Advisor is able to make a reasonable determination about whether a tree is dead or other obvious tree related concerns.  
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Architectural Committee Meetings

Please check the calendar on our website for the latest meeting dates.
Changes made to the exterior of homes in Harper's Choice require approval of the Village Architectural Committee (AC).
The AC will meet on Tuesdays, April 9th & 23rd at 7:30 PM to review applications. 

The deadline to submit applications for approval is two weeks prior to the next meeting date.
Village Board Meetings

The next meeting of the Village Board is scheduled for April 2nd  at 7 PM.   Approved Agendas and Meeting Minutes are/will be on our website. 
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