"Facing the new year when you are bereaved"
The new year for many means resolutions and new beginnings. However, for those who are grieving, the new year can look daunting. The author of the article. "Facing the New Year when You are Bereaved" writes, "Approach of a new year may mean different things for different mourners. Whether we welcome, dread or ignore a new year probably depends on where we are in our grief process. The question is not whether, but how grief will show up, and how we'll work with it."

The author also provides suggestions on how to process your grief during the new year, which you can read about here!
Debra Brook: A decade of service
If you know Kate's Club, then you know Debra. Debra Brook, Director of Volunteer Services, enters her 10th year working at Kate's Club!

Debra has 23 years of experience working with children and adolescents as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. She has experience teaching music, art, sports, and leisure education classes, and leading group initiatives.

At Kate’s Club, Debra leads all volunteer programming, serves as the Director of Camp Good Mourning and also develops strong relationships with community partners. We are so appreciative of her time, fun attitude and commitment to people. Here's to the next 10 years, Debra!
Courtney Parsons, Development Coordinator
1190 W. Druid Hills Drive NE, Suite T-80
Atlanta, GA 30329

"Everything changes and, somewhere along the line, I'm changing with it..."

- Eric Burden