If you are new to the community, we'd like to welcome you and make Kesher your new home. Tell us about yourself! Fill out this brief form, let us know who you are and how we can help you settle in. Email the Welcome Committee for more information or with any questions!

SAP and Tuesday Digest
Have something to share in the SAP or the Tuesday Weekly Digest? Email announcements@kesher.org by 5 PM Wednesday (SAP) or by 5 PM Sunday (Digest).
Rabbi Shafner is always available to meet with congregants or answer any questions they have and he loves doing it. Feel free to email, message, call or text him (202-867-7287) any time to meet. For immediate matters or immediate halachic questions, please text or call him, and if he does not answer leave a message and he will call you back.
If you have an extra place at your table for Shabbat, please put yourself down for a week on this spreadsheet so we can accommodate those who need a Shabbat meal. Thank you!
Kelim Mikvah
Please respect the privacy of women using the mikvah by not using the kelim (utensil) mikvah after sundown.

Sponsor Kiddush!
We provide kiddush every week for the congregation, with or without sponsors. Help support us by contributing to our kiddush fund. No donation is too small! Email info@kesher.org for more information about kiddush sponsorship.

Kiddush Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to help setup, run, and cleanup Kiddush in the Park on Saturdays. For additional information regarding roles and responsibilities and to sign up, click here.

Looking for Leiners
As a reminder to all the gentlemen in the community who attend the 9:00 AM minyan on Shabbos morning, the leining sign up is found at kesher.org/leining and we are looking for more Leiners! Signing up for even 1 Aliyah is helpful!

Join our Community Security Service (CSS)
The Community Security Service (CSS) is recruiting new volunteers for our Kesher Israel team! Applications are open and available online - join today! CSS is the leading national Jewish organization that provides best-in-class training to empower our volunteer security team to identify threats and proactively protect and keep Kesher safe. Please contact Eli Russ at security@kesher.org with any questions.
Submit a Name to our Cholim List
To submit a name to be included on Kesher's Misheberach List, please fill out the self-service form at kesher.org/Cholim.

Have an idea for an event?
Do you have a great idea for an event? Is there an event you would like to see happen at Kesher but don't know where to begin? Fill out our event suggestion form here and see your idea possibly come to life!