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Give them a call at 315-288-0721
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People are in Search of...
We keep an eye on social media to find out what community members need so that we can match them up with our members. Recently, there have been a few that we couldn't match because we don't have a member that does it, or we lack the information from the members that do! Here are some of the things people are looking for:
  • Pool Installers & Pool repair
  • Camper Rental
  • House Painters
  • Outer Massena/Louisville Trash Collection
  • Lawn Care
  • iPhone/Cell Phone Repair
Are you a member that handles any of these requests? Let us know at so we can recommend you! If you aren't a member yet, head over to Remember, we are the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce which means we have members from all over the North Country. If you provide a service in the area, you should be a member!
New Members
When you bank with Northern, you're not just getting amazing financial products and services, you're also becoming an owner of our cooperative! That means any profits earned come right back to you through lower fees, better rates, and higher dividends.

Located on 256 E. Orvis St. Massena
Valley Paper Company has been locally owned & operated in Massena for over 20 years! We sell a variety of products, from cleaners, janitorial supplies, towels & tissues, can liners, food takeout supplies, ice melter, popcorn, and much more!

Located on 347 E. Orvis St. Massena
At Highland Nursing Home, we are passionately committed to providing unsurpassed elder care services of the highest quality and value to our north country residents and their families.

Located on 182 Highland Rd, Massena
Member News
Upcoming Events
Chamber Events
Keep an eye out for sign ups and info on our future events such as; our 28th Annual Golf Tournament (TBA), Annual Awards Dinner (September), Downtown Christmas Lighting (Beginning of December), and the Tri-Chamber Business Conference (TBA)
Member Events
Other Local Events
Stay Up-to-date on local events by check out or following our Facebook Page!
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Sponsorships & Advertising
Sponsorship Packages
It can be a hassle having non-profit organizations calling you all the time for sponsorships. Sometimes you just want to get it all done in one go. Save time with our new Customized Sponsorship Packages! In ten minutes you can have your presence at our Golf Tournament, Concerts in the Park, Annual Luncheon, Awards Dinner, Networking Events, and more.
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Submit your information, ads, coupons, updates, and more to our Monthly E-Newsletter (This right here!)
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Ad Space
Promote traffic to your website by putting your ads on the inner pages of

Ad space is Purchased at a Yearly Rate:
Small 340 x 125 = $150
Medium 340 x 250 = $280
Large 340 x 500 = $550
Massena Chamber Discount Card
Offer a discount to Massena Chamber Discount Card holders! Holders may be other businesses, community members, and tourists. It can be as simple as 5% discount or $1 off an item/service. It's a great way to get new people shopping at your business and let the community know you give back!
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