Happy New Years!
We're happy to announce that our Chamber of Commerce will now be using a Tiered Due Structure . This means not only are we introducing new benefits, but you only pay for what you want!
Why change? We felt that our old due structure wasn't fair and punished small businesses for growing. This new structure allows business to CHOOSE their package instead of being assigned to one.
We're also introducing monthly payment plans , to find out more see our Membership Packet.
"I was born and raised in good ol’ Massena, New York. I graduated from Massena Central High School in 2009 and obtained a degree in Marketing and Public Relations.
I am serving as the Associate Director of the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce whilst juggling life and motherhood. 
Tune in weekly as I discuss how I juggle daily happenings at the Chamber and the task of being a mother whilst trying to stay sane in this all too chaotic world." - Lindsey Breitbeck
Get an inside look into the life of a Massena Mom!
Through her blog, Lindsey shares her experience of raising a five year old boy playing hockey, and a couple of rambunctious pups. All while working as the Associate Director of the Massena Chamber of Commerce.

Learn her tips and tricks on where to shop and how to stay a float in everyday chaos!
Downtown Decorating 2018
Help us get the funds and manpower needed to properly decorate downtown for December! Let's bring the Holiday Spirit back to Massena.
Scholarship Fund
The Massena Chamber gives out a scholarship each year to student who volunteers at events or works at the Eisenhower Locks Gift Store. Help us reward a hardworking student at the Massena Central High School!
Business Incubator Offices
Converting the Basement of the Massena Chamber into a business incubator harboring multiple office spaces.
This would give a place for more new business to start up, giving them a better chance at success.
Let's grow new businesses and opportunities here in Massena!
Our Team for 2018
Nathan Lashomb - Executive Director
Nathan Lashomb is a professional photographer with over 18 years of experience in the field. Mr. Lashomb is an award-winning Photographer and has an established portrait studio in Massena servicing the North Country and beyond. Nathan also has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing which and has earned him the position of the Executive Director at the Massena Chamber of Commerce.
Lindsey Breitbeck - Associate Director
A Massena native, born and raised, Lindsey obtained a degree in Business with a concentration in Sales and Marketing.
Ms. Breitbeck has several years experience in the industry with her area of expertise in public outreach and speaking as well as coordinating our events while multi-tasking office duties.
Day Snyder - Media Management
Day is college graduate with a degree in the Digital Communication Arts and a Certification in Social Media Marketing. Ms. Snyder acts as the Media Manager for the Massena Chamber, handling the Social Media pages, video content, Ribbon Cuttings, and the Massena Chamber's Websites.
New Members
Give a Warm Welcome to:
59 Main Street Massena, NY - 315-705-4100
Joseph’s Jewelry & Gifts is our second store bringing some of the jewelry lines we carry at Joseph’s Fine Jewelry in Hogansburg adding several different gift items including specialty foods from Stonewall Kitchens, Ariston Olive Oils, and teas fron The Republic of Tea along with Beekman goats milk soaps and lotions, Poo~Pourri, Peepers reading glasses, Luca + Danni, Obaku watches and Uno de 50 jewelry along with much more
Hours: (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (Saturday 9am-4pm)
47 Main St, Massena, NY - 315-514-0095
Laser Hair Reduction is now offered by Light Therapy at your favorite up-scale salon & spa! Come to Studio 162 in Massena and meet our Certified Laser Tech.
Face & Body Laser Services.

Member Updates/News
Canton Carriage offers a variety of Horse Drawn Services. If you are planning an upcoming special event, give us a call @ (315) 854-4054.
The Salvation Army has relocated it's Thrift Store to 210 North Main Street
Massena, New York.
Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
To see Events going on in the area visit our calendar at  www.MyMassena.com/Events   or visit our  Facebook Page Events Here
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